Fingers Crossed!

I sure hope my shipment comes nice because yesterday’s customer service sucked. I went to my appointment which turned out fantastic so that was great and now I’m thinking about finding a new salon to cut my hair. Sometimes I get mad at myself for not being more needy and obvious because had I asked my stylist her cell number or added her via facebook or something I would’ve known where she works now but I thought that’s too mixing business with pleasure-y, ya know? The Asian in me is like no-and now I’m like who can cut this dry, thick wavy hair of mine without me feeling blah.

There is a salon that uses devacurl products and I’m like so they cut wavy, curl hair but its farther then I want to go…and the other salon that is b&b network salon costs $$ and I’m picky and don’t want to whiny upon hating the cut. Really all I want is layers and edgy bangs that hit under my brows.

I just finished reading the new shelfie from itg and I loved it! Love stripe tops and love most of the stuff she uses not to mention I always thought the Chantecaille just skin was incredible myself. I’m on my last tube because its too expensive and I can’t hide my sun damage anymore and I need a cc cream to do that!


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