Empties: Feb 2018

R+co Bel air smoothing shampoo 1.7oz

R+co Bel air smoothing conditioner 1.7oz

Living proof. restore shampoo 2oz

it cosmetics your skin but better cc+ illumination “medium”

Juice beauty stem cellular cc cream “warm glow”

sampled: Living proof T.B.D. multi tasking styler


Review: Josie Maran the good brow

I love all things Josie Maran but I did get the dual end brow pencil and its great. I bought the darker shade since my hair is very dark brown it compliments my hair and brows perfectly. The pearly champagne pink like side is perfect for using right under your brows as a highlight. I have those sparse areas and I fill it in and my brows look perfect I think its easier than using the gimme brow IMO.

I give this product a 10/10 because its easy to use and the pearly pink side is so universally flattering and beautiful. I like having full brows and mascara on days I don’t want to do anything else.

Fingers Crossed!

I sure hope my shipment comes nice because yesterday’s customer service sucked. I went to my appointment which turned out fantastic so that was great and now I’m thinking about finding a new salon to cut my hair. Sometimes I get mad at myself for not being more needy and obvious because had I asked my stylist her cell number or added her via facebook or something I would’ve known where she works now but I thought that’s too mixing business with pleasure-y, ya know? The Asian in me is like no-and now I’m like who can cut this dry, thick wavy hair of mine without me feeling blah.

There is a salon that uses devacurl products and I’m like so they cut wavy, curl hair but its farther then I want to go…and the other salon that is b&b network salon costs $$ and I’m picky and don’t want to whiny upon hating the cut. Really all I want is layers and edgy bangs that hit under my brows.

I just finished reading the new shelfie from itg and I loved it! Love stripe tops and love most of the stuff she uses not to mention I always thought the Chantecaille just skin was incredible myself. I’m on my last tube because its too expensive and I can’t hide my sun damage anymore and I need a cc cream to do that!

Rude Customer Service..

I think because I was in sales/customer service for so long sometimes I expect a little bit of respect when I’m being friendly despite the fact that I am upset. At first the lady was decent then she got a bit offensive and I was confused and debating to never do business with them after today. I’m not mad I’m just disappointed. My goals this year is to keep my cool so I’m going to fix myself a nice, light lunch and think about what just happened…fingers crossed I see my stuff tomorrow in good shape…but who knows.

New Wish List!

Most days I just surf the beauty sites, looking for what’s new what may work for me and sometimes I’ll come across something interesting. Today I find the Ouai anti frizz hair sheets and I also find out By Terry is carrying a new stick version of their cult lip balm! I don’t invest in K beauty anymore because of the price range and I worry I’ll have a flair up with my skin like I did once but some of the items from Glow Recipe and Farmacy look quite interesting so I’m throwing them in my “dreamy wish list.”

If you read this and have tried any of the following please share your thoughts!

I’d throw the dyson dryer in their too but I don’t think I have that kind of money yet and I’m still partial to my T3 white one so…maybe someday…but how cool are they.

Review: Ouai Hair Oil

I’ve owned a couple Ouai items and so far the only one I can’t work out well is the texturizing spray?is that what its called the one in the silver spray can very hard for me to figure out that or I can’t use it right. That being said, everything about the conditioners(I have yet to own a shampoo which I heard are also great)the wave spray, and the hair mask are really, really good. I was lucky enough that Sephora gave me a nice sample for one of their checkout code things and tried the Ouai hair oil!

Here are my thoughts:

-best hair I’ve used and I’ve used many fancy and non fancy names including Oribe and B+B yet I find the Ouai one by far my favorite out of hair oils.

-Soft gardenia scent that isn’t overpowering

-hair is so soft after use

-next day hair also good

-decent pricing for a very popular brand/good item


-shockingly can’t think of one.

10/10 for me on this one and I use it for special occasions!


Mixing Two Things Never Worked So Well!

Sometimes I’ll try layering products whether its hair and makeup and it just works so well you wonder why you never come up with it sooner. So here’s what I do now with my makeup.

I spritz my makeup sponges with the Mario Badescu rosewater+herb spray then put 1 pump or 2 of the itcosmetics cc cream I use the illumination one then I put one small squeeze of the Juice beauty cc cream in it because its a bit darker than the it cosmetics one and it turns out amazing! I had to share that with people!

As for my hair I really dig the Living proof leave in I use 1-2 pumps of that and once its worked in and scrunch my hair or mess it up with the bumble and bumble brilliantine and my hair looks effortless and has separation and shine!

Those are my advice for quick but “I tried” look.

Venting Machine?

Getting over a bad 2,3 days straight. I don’t mean to vent but I do sometimes go to a dark place and I feel my heart is going to burst from the stress…then I go to read intothegloss articles and I feel happy again. I’m a new big fan of Anna Stevenette right now and I love how cool she is without trying. She gives me Olivia Wilde meets Alexa Chung vibes.

I seriously want the one body cream and hair wax now. I was thinking matte waves but I don’t know now. I saw some of the stuff she uses and I just kept saying Yes I have that or I just finished that-great taste. I thought the same when I saw Alexa Chung’s top shelf ? I was a big fan of the Rodin stuff I’m currently deciding whether I need their lipstick in my life or not. I’ll think about it for next few days and decide. I’ve just been slathering Lucas Papaw on my hands and burt’s bees medicated lip balm with menthol and eucalyptus on my lips and they’re my miracle products I throw in my bag at all times.

Review: it Cosmetics-Confidence in a cleanser

Funny I was just writing about going back to it cosmetics cc+ cream. I haven’t owned or sampled an item from the brand I did not like and the cleanser was something I was super excited to see being offered by Sephora as a big sample.

Here’s what I thought of the product:


-no strong scent

-thin texture

-lots of good ingredients

-rinses off quick

-no dry feeling very mild on skin



-doesn’t feel as gel like or foaming like I prefer but that’s really not a deal breaker


I’m rating this item a 9/10 because my skin looks better after each use. Very generous, Sephora! 5oz for $28 on a top selling brand? Not bad at all.


Full Coverage Might Be My Next Move.

Currently looking around for full coverage foundation. The sunspots I had have become darker and more obvious and I’d like to cover it. So maybe i’ll do the illuminating primer+full coverage matte foundation to see how it looks together. Its sad to think I’m running from the sunny window like I’m Dracula and yet I’m still burning. If you read this and know of a good foundation, I am all ears! I’ve decided to pull out my itcosmetics cc cream out today. Its been a while but when I read the line full coverage cream I was like I HOPE SO BECAUSE I NEED IT.