How I Cook My Toast.

Sometimes we have nothing in the fridge but there’s one item to make everything work. I like to fix my toast in a certain way. I guess its some of the habits I learned working at a sandwich shop but I add a couple steps. I’ll fix two thin sliced bread put it in a microwavable bag(those bags in your turkey are great too)I microwave it for 20 seconds or less then I pull the bread out put a thin spread of olive oil and sea salt butter on it then I sprinkle both the minced garlic and a little bit of sea salt then I top it with a little bit of cheese generally anything shredded. My final step toasting it for a couple minutes on 345-360 degrees in the toaster. Sometimes i’ll add sautéed mushrooms on the side, an egg ham but we’re out of everything so its just my favorite toast and something hot possibly green tea.


Review: tarte chrome paint-martini

Now that my pur cushion eye shadow is empty and they officially discontinued my favorite metallic cream shadows I had reasons to purchase something to replace them. I was in Sephora doing some online surfing reading about new items and I come across this gem from tarte. If there’s one thing I really love using its soft, creamy shadows. I use powder shadows but with my hooded lid issues the quicker and more shimmery or smoky the better. I generally use copper, taupe or bronze shadows. The chrome paints come in such flattering colors I wanted all but I bought two. My favorite one is martini so I’m going to write about it since its all I use right now.


-creamy mousse like texture

-a little goes a long way

-no scent no irritation on eyes.

-color is a metallic taupe shade. Universally flattering.

-stays on even with me occasionally rubbing eyes (habit of mine I suppose and the dry eye issue)


Depending on how you drop it, it will crumble to powdery mess its not as creamy as other cream shadows its like a mousse-y powder not exactly cream shadow.

I love it but so do others when they see me using it. Its very eye catching its perfect for daily use if you use very little but it will even work when you wear it to events like parties.


The One Item I’ve Used for 10 Years.

I’ve had a couple hair stylists in my lifetime but I had two favorites. One was older lady that would cut my naturally thick, wavy hair into the most amazing pixie ever. I loved her cuts to much I’d go there to get it touched up every few months.  Then I had to move so it was very sad.

After relocating I had to find new hair stylists and I never found one I liked as much as I did “J” so I had to just have random people cut it/highlight it.

Then I moved again..and my neighbor’s daughter at the time and her mother had the most amazing hairdos overnight and I had to ask them about their salon. I go there with a friend of mine and our mind is blown. It is so cool, the owners are so nice and hip I was like I just died and went to heaven and we both decided on the nicest lady there. The lady was so smart, so talented we get our hair cut and both of us are like this is the best lady to give us layers! So originally I had gone in and had a shorter really nice look but I grew it out and the stylist is like(I wont say her name out of privacy and respect and she’s moved on to another salon) you know your hair is what I want thick, wavy and I’m like what?she goes if my hair was like this I’d grow it and test the waters of what you can do with it. She goes I will give you the layers, layer your bangs and we’ll take it from there and she styles it with  Bumble and bumble’s Brilliantine. It really does something for my hair whether its dry and frizzy, other days when I want movement I scrunch it in with my fingers. It gives it shine and the scent is like no other. I can just throw it in my bag and travel with it too. Thanks to her I have two things I never gave up modernized bangs, brilliantine.

Looks Like Everyone Loves Muji!

It was about a year and a couple months ago I left for Japan and the first thing I had on my mind was stopping by a Muji and a shoe store. Once I got to Muji, it was like someone had sent me to heaven it was so amazing. I don’t know if I even wrote about it in my post yet and it took an Emily Ferber writing about it for me to go “I forgot to write about Muji.” So what happened was after really going to every aisle/section there was I was like I know what I’m getting and this is what I got.

-a clear zippable makeup bag flat but not too flat

-travel sized band aids in a hip clear sealable thingy

-lip gloss and blush

-metallic hair ties that came in 3

Now if there was a way for me to order and ship the furniture I saw I would’ve. I ended up buying friends makeup there too. I really love that clear makeup bag I bought and I would definitely go there once I visit again. My cousin and I were seriously eyeing the skincare and now after reading Emily’s glossier article I’m tempted to get someone to get that for me if I don’t go back soon.haha. To end this great topic, I read that was it Singapore or Hong Kong or somewhere hip like that they are opening a hotel that uses all or most Muji items I’m guessing it’s bedding, toiletries things like that I was very intrigued by the thought of that. I always joke that if the toiletries at a hotel are good I would be willing to fork out the $ because it means the hotel may carry that brand on one of the floors/or have a spa in their hotel that uses it either way I’m “in”

A Recap of The Weekend.

Great weekend. Officially decided on what to invest in and what color I will be dying my hair next(I’ll talk about that on my next post in depth)and did some catching up with my favorite people. Someone wrote me a positive comment(thank you for that I appreciate it) and I was thinking about what it was that people read about the most it is official: foundation and haircare. I am hoping by autumn I will upgrade my status here. I always wonder how that will work so we’ll just have to see. I really enjoy reading about products through other people too. Sometimes I’ll go back in time and think about the time I had the beauty subscriptions and miss it so I love when people post about products they tried/got through the subscription! I loved that Jaclyn Hill selected box I read on a magazine because she chose the Becca highlighter and the Oribe matte waves! I wanted that but I was like no-no-not now downsizing maybe a couple items in spring but until then…more downsizing.

p.s. I wanted to share how wonderful TJMAXX and Marshall’s selections have become. They carry some stuff I would’ve never imagined would be sold for discount. Save your money ladies and gents…

The Simple Things.

I’ve been doing exactly what I said I would this year and I’m pretty proud of it. One of it was downsizing the amount of products I use the other just cutting out the bad stuff from my daily diet. Some days I’ll wish I had a donut or latte by my side but I can really live without that now and I told myself I couldn’t for over a decade. I would always go back and fail and when I finally put my foot down it was so easy. I like eating cleaner most days and here and there I’ll throw in a visit to something yummy minus fries minus any sugary drink. I think Taco Bell is a no-go because I love it and I can’t get hooked back on their nachos. My teen years and early 20s I spent many days hanging out with friends at Taco Bell it was our hang out and really all I’d buy was nachos.  I smile every time I hear Fergie talk about “I still go to Taco Bell” I’m like ofcourse! I think the hardest thing for me to give up really food wise was ice cream, and baked goods…and ofcourse mac and cheese scary how simple foods are so addictive I no longer have it on my grocery list.

This year I plan to really cut back on what I purchase mostly because I want that mentality of “you can move anywhere anytime.” I don’t want to have to carry all the stuff  with me because its too sad you’ll be like I can’t bring this or that?  I have bought enough sunscreen for the whole year even with the way I apply it(lots hardcore)and I want to use less haircare this year. More space more $$.


Singing Along…Lady Gaga Edition.

My highlights of this week was definately reading Helena Christensen’s top shelf on Intothegloss(love that site also love just about everyone who works/writes there because they are effortlessly cool) and belting out the most emotional parts of Lady Gaga’s Million Reasons. All the singing woke my dog up from her sleep and she gave me this look of disgust and I was like “i know I ruined your song. go back to bed” Im guessing I wont be singing that song in front of my dog again.

I was so impressed that some of the stuff I use and love were on Helena’s top shelf.  She looks fantastic! Im a big fan of the models from the 90s maybe because I grew up in that era but I gotta admit most of them look exactly the same or better now. I wished I ate better.

Happy New Years.

It felt like 2017 was a long and bad year for me but mostly because I chose to let the problems manifest. I had spent the last 2 days of the year just reflecting and realized I had to drag a situation I didnt need to for too long. While I did, I had thrown in people that clearly had nothing to do with it and said “ah you’re guilty by association” and I thought about my own past where I realized I needed to “let go” of certain disagreements/incidents because it isn’t healthy or good for anyone.

so my goals of 2018 is:

-checking out a cheesecake factory to eat at(could be anywhere I heard it was awesome)

-telling that guy who waves at me that I like him. a lot.

-looking for a small but decent job

-being less judgemental.