That Breaking News Story Happened about 10 minutes Away?!

I’m at home watching the news there is a sudden breaking news some nutty guy apparently shoots at the cops and I’m like…and in the end the find this guy and he is now deceased but he was shooting in residential areas?WHY? SCARY stuff.

So then I turn on the world news and its there too everywhere actually and you’re like wow…I’m so glad I don’t like going down there but I have gone to the theater watch perfomances and it was just so surreal. I hope everyone doesn’t lose sleep over this. There was always a hidden rule for Harrisburg don’t go out after 5-530 alone. Heck I wont even go there without a friend or family member and its usually forced on to me. Good job police and good job Ed Marsico! Why would someone attack the police without them we’d have more crime.

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