December 2017 Empties

-Lucas papaw ointment 15g(the lip style angular tip quite cool I must say)

-Juice beauty stem cellular cc cream

-Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream-original

-aquaphor lip repair

-Living proof. restore shampoo 1oz

-Juice beauty stem cellular 2-in-1 cleanser 2 fl. oz

samples of: Living proof. restore treatment masque, Susanne Kaufmann face fluid line F, Malin+Goetz intensive hair conditioner

Can’t believe this year is almost over!!

Drugstore Find: Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion Pro Vitamin B5

I have a hard time finding good moisturizers/lotions. I generally just slather my legs with a moisturizer or oil during the winter and I put a light amount on during the summer but for some reason my legs are always dry. I had a couple favorites through the years but they never really kept the items(discontinued)or they were in glass bottles(oils) so when I finally found the Malin+Goetz one I was pretty happy. The only downside I have to order online since there’s no M+G store around me. I love everything about it but I had to find a more affordable and can-find-anywhere kinda moisturizer and I came across the Nivea one. I bought this extended moisture body lotion pro vitamin b5 one at Target for $5.29 plus tax. The best part there’s 21 fl. oz smells light and wonderful and it just turns out both the M+G one and Nivea both contain the pro vitamin b5 which works for me!

I’m going to give this 8.5/10 pretty good stuff.


Mint Shampoo Debate

I love all things “mint” I don’t know if its the soothing scent the way it feels on my skin and hair but I love it. I can’t say enough about mint. I had a friend who used to grow mint in her yard it was so cool. I was like “wait am I smelling mint” and she’s like “yes” I was like say no more bent down to smell it closer.

Sorry about sidetracking this post but I love mint shampoo. So far I’ve used two brands. The OGX one and the Malin+Goetz brand and ofcourse I love both and I love how it feels on my scalp. I like to use it as a once a week treatment because at one point I was told the dandruff came back because my scalp was dry and the shampoo was too highly fragrant. I was using a nice brand but I decided to put that one away for summer and purchase a mint shampoo because mint has always done wonders for my scalp in the colder months. I used to own both the shampoo and the conditioner of the OGX brand but when I ran out of everything I had I didn’t really replace it because I was hoarding other hair products. I always loved how good the brand would make my hair look and feel. Then I tried the Malin+Goetz brand and I was like ooh its so– good it feels good on my scalp then I saw the pricetag and was like is there other cheaper brands that can substitute for it? Then I thought about the OGX one and immediately bought a bottle.  My old boss used to say “its the poor man’s _____” for things she’d substitute and in my case my OGX mint is the average woman/man’s mint shampoo. The best part about the shampoo is it has tea tree in it if I’m not wrong. It smells like heaven(if you like mint, you’ll love it) That’s a definite win-win for me.

Review: R+co Crown Scalp Scrub

Here’s my review on the product

Its not too gritty therefore not abrasive on my scalp

The description is somewhat confusing since no where on it does it say whether to wet your scalp first or not (I wet my scalp first)

The scent is not as potent as I hoped it be it was supposed to smell like the scent “relative paradise” which is by far my favorite of the R+co line(there is actually a scented mist out that is for multi use in case you didn’t know)

The walnut sized amount seemed too little but it was enough

I took a while to rinse out

Overall right now it looks like I put a texture shampoo into my hair not bad because my hair isn’t a dry mess it feels kinda smooth you do have to put conditioner on your ends but I always add a leave in and today I added a dimesize of b+b brilliantine for shine.

This product for me is a 8/10 I really love R+co products and this scrub is unique. I’ve never owned a scalp scrub and I certainly needed it today.

That Breaking News Story Happened about 10 minutes Away?!

I’m at home watching the news there is a sudden breaking news some nutty guy apparently shoots at the cops and I’m like…and in the end the find this guy and he is now deceased but he was shooting in residential areas?WHY? SCARY stuff.

So then I turn on the world news and its there too everywhere actually and you’re like wow…I’m so glad I don’t like going down there but I have gone to the theater watch perfomances and it was just so surreal. I hope everyone doesn’t lose sleep over this. There was always a hidden rule for Harrisburg don’t go out after 5-530 alone. Heck I wont even go there without a friend or family member and its usually forced on to me. Good job police and good job Ed Marsico! Why would someone attack the police without them we’d have more crime.

New to the Brand:Living proof.

It seems like everyone I know was using Living proof and so were a lot of the beauty editors. I first got a sample from them years ago and it was one of those leave-in creams. I believe it was from the restore line and I read how some editor loved it and I was like ah why not. I try it and it’s so good I use it for like a week straight. The samples that Living proof offers is quite generous. Then I eventually tried the hair serum I think it was called loved that but never committed to getting the whole bottle since I hoard hair products already and kept remembering how great the products smelled and how it did everything I wanted for my hair. Then one day I’m watching beautyiQ(I adore you Courtney!)and she’s getting her hair done with the Living proof items and I’m like wow both the model getting her hair styled and the host look fantastic. I was sold. Bought myself the flex hairspray. I use it to curl my ends with a hot tool(works good and stays nice for almost 2 days if I don’t wash by then)then Sephora just recently offered me one of those VIB spend 50 and get 25 off I believe it was…maybe 20 it was a great deal. I bought one of those restore travel sets that included the mask, the leave-in cream, the shampoo and conditioner. I try it and I’m like this is what I needed. The s+c are really good if I wanted to I could probably just buy those but since my mid lengths and ends are dry and frizzy the mask and leave in cream went above and beyond. I have been using them for a whole week and 1/2 now and I’ve never been happier. My mom’s like why is your hair so perfect now.  I’m like Jennifer Aniston’s Living proof restore line. I just asked for a bunch of the stuff for Christmas. If you love the products already, wait til you see the 2oz shampoo and conditioner they carry its so cute! Great stocking stuffers and great to travel with.

Im Having a Moment…

What a long week. I know it just started but I can’t even remember if its Monday or Tuesday right now. All I can say is I drank lots of coffee, my arthritis and psoraisis is back in full swing and I just dropped everything out of my purse. What a mess. The only good thing that came out of today was trying the living proof products. I love the light purple line. Is it repair or restore? Terrible memory issues right now.

I was eating terribly for the past 2 days or so and my skin broke out and I was like ugh. So Im kinda doing the switch products around thing. Im also trying to do as little sugar and starch diet to undo the damage. I was super excited reading the into the gloss article today.  Im still on the fence about some of the more organic hair care lines because they smell rather strong but Garrett Markenson products are really good. I love reading top shelf articles. On a sad note my attempt to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette was an epic fail. They sold out at the store I like to stop by because of all the discounts and black friday sales. I was so bummed. I only want the one palette so I was like Im not getting it shipped to me because I dont want a cracked palette and have to cry as I send it back to refund!

Sephora, You Made My Week.

I was immediately excited when I saw the UPS man because he’s ridiculously tall, and handsome and has a great voice but my package wasn’t smashed in over a year or so. It was so perfect I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Onto the products: Travel sizes very large when seen in person also I loved my point perk giftset(thank you Sephora I will be sharing some of the items with friends)and the samples were actually ones I chose? Super excited for the weekend!

Have You Seen the Travel Sized Goodies on Sephora?

Just as I was like Im not shopping at sephora anymore(its not their fault its a shipping issue Im pretty sure im getting the one today slaughtered too)they send you a $25 coupon. I gotta admit when someone gives me more than $10 off I will consider it but $25, I gotta start my list!

So I was looking at tiny things I can use up but also wanted to try and came across the travel sized items and wow have you seen it? They now carry the 1.7oz size of the Kate Somerville cleanser?The bite beauty gift set was incredible(didn’t buy it this time)and they had the tiny spray version of the leave in from living proof I saw on the beautyiQ channel. I was like I’d buy it if it wasn’t so….wait a minute a travel sized one? Dangerously good choices right now. I dont always want to commit to the full sizes because it turns my bathroom and room into a mess. Oh sephora, you pull me back in just when I start walking away…!