Brand Spotlight: Juice Beauty

Years ago I tried a sample from the Juice Beauty line and I absolutely loved it. I can’t remember if it was a lip balm or a cream but it was amazing. I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Goop brand skincare but the price is steep if I want to purchase 2 or more and I needed something simple but great and remembered reading Goop was made with Juice Beauty? Sorry if I’m wrong but I thought why don’t I get Juice Beauty stuff I need a new cleanser and a backup item when my suntegrity is gone. I bought the stem cellular cc cream in warm glow and the 2-in-1 cleanser.

Here’s what I thought of the cc cream: the color couldn’t be more perfect. I wouldn’t consider myself fair but not dark either so I’m an odd place I would say I’m like a medium…kind of…I like the more yellow toned items I use colors that identify with cool or warm depending on the brand. I use light in suntegrity and medium in it cosmetics. So that gives you the idea of my skin color. The scent is a very natural scent to me it smells like salsa sauce?in all the good way. It smells like a mixture of lime and spices? hot pepper and lime-ish. No skin irritation and the longer I wear it the better it seems to look. Its not full coverage but between the sunscreen and tint I’m completely sold.

The 2-in-1 cleanser has a light fruit like scent its not watery or heavy its just right its easy to put on and rinse off, no tight feeling and my skin looks smoother every time I use it. I loved it so much I will see if I can purchase another tube! the travel tube is fantastic not to mention its only $10.

One thought on “Brand Spotlight: Juice Beauty

  1. Karen Behnke says:

    Thank you! you mentioned two of my fave products! I literally feel naked if I don’t have on my Stem Cellular CC Cream (and I am Desert Glow also) of the 5 shades. If I want more coverage I touch up with our PhytoPigments Concealer or for even more coverage mix with our PhytoPigments Serum Foundation–for an event. Anyway, another tip is to either double cleanse or mix the Stem Cellular 2in1 Cleanser with our Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil—great alone and fabulous together! The Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil also removes all makeup. Thanks so much for the post as we work so hard making high performance products with organic ingredients!!–Karen Behnke, Founder, Juice Beauty


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