Review: dr brandt XYY A3 foaming cleanser

I bought this months ago when there was a discount being offered at a store. I own the 5oz version and its very easy to use. You can use it on your dry or wet face, 1-2 pumps then wash and it says its good for removing makeup too. Ever since I started taking double cleansing seriously my skin is back to looking clearer. If I’ve taken off all of my makeup the prior night, I just wet my face and wash my face in the morning with this cleanser right now. There is no burning sensation so that’s already great. It smells of fresh orange peels. If you like citrus or clean scents its for you. Might be good for acne prone people too. I think there is a reason why Dr Brandt is my favorite all time skincare line.

October 2017 Empties.

Yarok feed your moisture masque

Malin +Goetz vitamin e shaving cream

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream-unscented

Neutrogena body clear body wash(I buy 2 versions its so good)

samples of: Kiehls creamy eye treatment with avocado, Malin+Goetz moisturizing shampoo, L’occitane immortelle essential water, Oribe shampoo+ conditioner for brilliance and shine


Review: Elizabeth Arden cool glow cheek tint #01 Coral Daze

I can tell you two things: I love the beautyblender blusher and I absolutely dig the Elizabeth Arden cool glow cheek tint. I’m using the coral daze shade and its pretty much a universally flattering coral reminds you of Nars “O” blush. I was and still am a big fan of the Nars “o” and the super-o shades. I loved them so much I bought the glosses of the shade so you can imagine with my current obsession being cushion beauty products I couldn’t pass on this flattering coral color by Elizabeth Arden. I came across it in a magazine I read. I immediately jotted it down and bought it. Not only is it beautiful it smells really nice. I missed my opportunity to purchase the Stila brand one so here was chance to try the cushion blush and its now a staple.

10/10 the scent of the product is incredible. color is also beautiful.

Review: Oribe straight away smoothing blowout cream

Now normally I’m all about the salt sprays or just slapping on some John Masters Organics but the last 2,3 months have been hard on my hair and I can’t go without products that say split end mender or smoothing. I changed my products around and I’m back to using all things repair, detangling, split end mending and or smoothing.

Not long ago, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase this Oribe straight away smoothing blowout cream and as much as I’m not a big blow dry- kinda gal, I was like sounds like something I need. I’ve been more careful about buying what I need and will use soon instead of the lets add more to my backstock. I was so glad I bought it because my straw-like dry hair seems revived, its silky smooth! The elegant oribe scent isn’t bad either. I could be in line and a stranger will say things to me like “what perfume is that its beautiful” I go “its actually my haircare” I always have to sit and think forever when I invest in certain brands because of the price but Oribe hasn’t let me down once. Would I buy another tube in the future? YES!

5fl oz for $44 but I do see some places might charge you $46. I’m going to rate this a 9.5/10 the .5 I took off for the price.

I’m not spiritual but I do love Chic fil-a

Did I spell them right? I just love Chic fil- a. I can’t say enough about how quick I get served, the food being hot(some eateries the sandwiches and meat are still cold NO THANKS)and they cold brew coffee they offer is good. My favorite things include the waffle fries, the cold brew coffee, and their chicken tenders. I just love how I can get 3 pieces just enough to make me feel content. Gone are the days I wait in line to eat way too much Chinese food(which I love don’t get me wrong I miss it)

I’m really just a sucker for all things cooked in peanut oil. You know you love peanut oil when you buy bottles of it to cook healthier options with.

Review: W3ll People spf 30 biotint.

Its been a nice week or so of decent weather just real sunny. I’ve learned my best friend is definitely vitamin c/AHA products as I age. The downside to using strong items that clear skin/anti age is that you get prone to sunburns and sunspots. I read up on a lot of what works and through trial and error it is official: use zinc oxide 17% or more if possible. I bought the w3ll people version for the first time and I must say as weird as the scent was to me at first the fact that I don’t break out or feel irritations is fantastic.

The tube is very edgy in gray and white and it has 20% zinc. So right now I’m using that and the juice beauty concealer. They work good together. I was worried the shade I ordered was too light but nope, works.  You just need to buy other items incase what you love gets discontinued and so far this w3ll people biotint not bad. It will definitely be my fall staple.

The Dry Shampoo Debate.

I’m currently debating which dry shampoo (foam style)to purchase the ouai one or the alterna one. They both look so good. Then again a part of me is like do I want to get the travel set from Ouai. I’m actually finally setting my plans to book that flight once I get my November plans taken care of. I don’t think I’ll fly in the dead of winter because of what scary natural disaster is out there but possibly spring! I may want to take the dry shampoo with me since I want to travel light unlike my last one. BIG MISTAKE=traveling heavy. I had to have some older gentleman lift my luggage it had so much beauty products and clothes. Not this time. Simple=best.

Products I Absolutely Adore.

I was in a funk for what seemed like forever but great products always cheer me up. I am a big fan of the sister channel of QVC is it beauty iQ i anyway long story short, I ended up purchasing two things after seeing different episodes.

The first item I bought was the Philosophy purity made simple cleansing cloths. I always loved the cleanser so I thought it sounds great. Every time I wipe my face with it I feel clean. I dont know if its really taking off everything but dont generally expect to get everything off with a wipe. I think its really just taking off what you can without being abrassive on your skin and then getting your zzzs that matter. The scent is clean and wonderful just like the cleanser and overall its no Koh Gen Do but its very good. I would repurchase! I’d rate this one an 8.5/10 It lost a wee bit of points because it could seem more wet but maybe its made less moist to be more exfoliating who knows.

Now onto the Peter Thomas Roth firmx peeling gel exfoliant-no scent to it really maybe a natural fruit like scent nothing that stands out its not grittier like most exfoliators very velvetty when it comes out smooths on nice and let me tell you the instant gratification I felt when my old skin was resurfacing without the burn…so great. I like to use it in a circular motion and repeat for 30 seconds then leave it on for 1-2 minutes and rinse it off. If I was to rate this product I’d give it 10/10. Its so gentle but effective. Huge tube so this will be my main cold season exfoliator.

September 2017 Empties

-Tata Harper resurfacing mask

-stila HD illuminating beauty balm spf 30

-r+co palm spring preshampoo treatment(I found out using it as a traditional hairmask was even better)

Samples of: malin+goetz vitamin b5 body moisturizer, dermalogica special cleansing gel, philosophy renewed hope in a jar skin tint in “beige”, rahua color full conditioner