Review: Rahua Color Full Conditioner

I wasn’t sure if I talked about it here but I finally went ahead and highlighted my hair. No I did not go to a salon, but I used only the highlighting part of the L’oreal 2 piece kit. I was so impressed with the results, I went ahead and bought the Rahua color full conditioner so I can keep my color from going brassy. Here are my thoughts on the conditioner:

-it comes in the most flattering lavender packaging

-the conditioner itself is a lavender color very unique

-the scent reminds me of something tropical not coconut but like Guava? it reminds me of something Guava scented from the body shop from years ago. Not over the top strong but natural in a good way.

3 minutes and you rinse it out. Very easy stuff hair looks revived its less straw like so i’ll be using both this and the bumble and bumble invisible oil conditioner.


Replacing Old Favorites for Colder Months.

Here are some of the new staples I bought to replace the other stuff I normally used to prepare for the colder drier months!

-Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask(beats all the masks I’ve used so far in how smooth my skin looks for the next few days!)

-Dermalogica Precleanse Balm

-Sunday Riley stuff

-it cosmetics no tug anti anging waterproof gel eyeliner

-Dr Brandt foaming cleanser

Review: Clinique even better glow foundation

Lately I’ve been spending more money on skincare and haircare so I had to look around to find items I’d love as much as some of my staples but with a smaller price tag. I had been eyeing the Kevyn Aucoin ethereal foundation but could not bring myself to spend that much on a foundation because I don’t want to give up my koh gen do ones. So I was flipping through magazines and found Clinique’s even better glow. I decided to take photos of my current favorite colors as a sample Chantecaille’s glow and the KGD 123. They’re both very good matches for me without looking cakey or too dark.

The salesperson gave me WN12 Meringue. The foundation is fabulous! It is lightweight easy to blend its luminous in the way that its not glittery or anything. If you like Chantecaille glow its pretty much the same color it is spf15 and you get 1oz for $28.

The texture of the product is a lighter texture than the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder which I also loved but I had a hard time finding my color and being right. I bought 3 first and it was too light 4 was almost right and I’m just one of those people that get tired and avoid returning items because I throw the box out quick.

After hours of application, my foundation still looked fresh and honestly I thought I put on too much so next time I’ll put less on. I’m currently mixing it with my go to KGD123 moisture foundation but I could probably just wear it alone.

Eating Better: Adding Soy and Selenium to the daily diet.

So I’m on day 4 of my “eat better” diet and I’ve lost a lot of face fat, and midsection fat, and even cleared my complexion while doing so. I quietly jotted down what a doctor was saying on a Japanese health show I watched many weekends ago. It took me some time to really sit down and commit to what he said. Here was his advice he said eat less junk food possibly minimal eat little meat because it takes longer to digest and process in your system and he basically went on to say eat foods that are fermented(kimchi, miso)eat soy or other veggies and eat mushrooms and yogurt. I had at one point given up yogurt and all dairy thanks to the celebrity buzz but I’ve always loved yogurt so I do mostly greek yogurt now because they do lower sugar ones!

I can slip right into my once too tight jeans! Buying healthier groceries never felt so easy and good!

Rainy Days…

Lately I’m into that glowing makeup that’s light but I love to play with my eye makeup. My new favorite eye items are ofcourse the pur cosmetics polish in silk, the Gucci iconic ottanio eyeliner(prettiest peacock blue shade ever) MAC’s kitschmas pigment, and ofcourse the blue l’oreal infallible mascara. Today I was asked what gorgeous eyeshadow I was wearing. I said “I blended the kitschmas pigment from MAC with aquaphor then I applied some blue l’oreal mascara!”

I also had some ridiculously handsome Italian man joke about how bossy my dog was. I laughed so hard.  Why can’t I find someone like him that’s unhitched? Dating is so hard these days.

Review: Pur eye polish pure pigment eye primer+ top coat

I have been wondering about the Pur cosmetics brand for some time. Its kind of like Juice beauty where you hear great things but its kinda pricey and you can’t sample it so you weight your options. This time around I came across this eye polish in a rose gold color called “silk” I love rose gold. The color works for me every time so I thought I’ll buy one and see if I want to buy other items from the brand. Bingo! The product is amazing! Not only is the color just as beautiful as it looks in the jar it comes with a brush to apply with (its a cushion inside)you just dip the brush into the cushion some and you get enough color to apply (per lid)so to tries and you’re good to go. I loved the item so much I will be purchasing other items from here for sure. I had previously purchased the Stila glitter and glow liquid eye shadow but this pur one is my favorite liquid eye shadow aside from my trusty laura mercier one they discontinued. I don’t ever apply anything over it because its so pretty. Not over the top just so simple and pretty.

price $26 for .28oz

5 Nights of Using Vintner’s Daughter Serum

My thoughts are my skin is clearer than ever, my skin doesn’t seem to sensitized by sunlight(but then again I do wash my face in the morning and slap on sunscreen) The scent is amazing.  Its one of the 2 steps of my night routine. I’ll wash my face with philosophy’s purity made simple then I follow it with 8 drops of vintners daughter.

I would buy the serum again because I prefer it over the other natural serums I’ve bought it doesn’t thicken like the vitamin c ones…which I like. I’ve used it on and off and the bottle is still pretty full so I can probably use it throughout the winter which will be awesome.


So Far, So Good.

September’s just begun and I am loving it. The weather here is chilly, mostly rainy on and off but I love days where I can be lazy about my skincare. We had a thunderstorm yesterday but I made it home in time to avoid the hardcore stuff. I’m back to working out and I’m in the middle of this dvd I just bought and I’m hoping the ending is well worth it. If it isn’t I’ll bring my JBL speakers with me. My goodness I love that portable speaker. Its waterproof, the sound is so good and easy to place anywhere.

Yesterday I was pleased to see Jean Godfrey June on intothegloss. I read some of the comments there and I was like you should go green where you can and mix and match in other areas. I think being scared of sulfates can be dangerous because are you going to just start throwing out your items when you find it in there? I like a mixture of green and nongreen products. I was very interested in the vintner’s daughters serum because I own it and have never really used it consistently. Its been too sunny or i’d been wearing too much vitamin c products and I didn’t have the right sunscreen or whatever but this weather is perfect for me to use it on the daily. I also own the blue cocoon. I love that blue cocoon balm. I’m getting ready to buy some hardcore sunscreen so it looks like perfect timing. On another note has anyone realized how aggressive some of these delivery company workers are? Smashing packages deliberately like they have anger issues? What happened to being happy you were employed and pride in your job? I was horrified seeing my last shipment I laughed a little. I look forward to writing about new products I bought this month!

May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

It’s been in the 50s and 60s in our area and that shocking weather change has dried my skin out more than ever. I started using the arcona white tea cleanser again because it feels so soothing on my skin and I’m probably going to ease up on the facial scrubs for the next few days. Last night I finally broke out my holy grail balm the May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon. I got as a Christmas gift and I’ve been using it only when my skin has ridiculous freak outs but generally when its so dry it feels and tight. Here’s why I love the blue cocoon balm-it smells like heaven(someone has asked me what beautiful scent I’m wearing and I laughed and said its actually my skincare)the calming beautiful blue color, and how quick the tightness goes away as I massage the balm onto my face. It starts as this thick balmy thing and it melts onto your hands and skin like magic. I’m probably going to use it tonight and tomorrow. I like using it at night. Whatever skin irritation I had seems to have gone away too. Thank goodness! There is a reason why people talk so highly of the balm its amazing wished it cost less but I only use it for emergencies.