I still can’t believe the whole UK incident. My good friend had just relocated there and it had me worried. Not just that but she works in the medical field so that whole hacking thing was there then this I always wonder how she is but I don’t want to bug her because she just moved there like a couple months ago. I think its times like these when people can stand together be strong and be one. I wish them the best and I feel very bad for Ariana. Love her music and If I could’ve afforded tickets I wanted to go to one of her shows myself.


Switching Up Routines

I used to start my day with either the eve lom morning cleanser or a cleansing water if not a cleanser with vitamin c in it. Right now after reading the one interview with Charlotte Gainsbourg I instantly had to have the evian water spray. She was talking about how she spritzes it on her face in the morning then wipes her face with cotton or something. Just really simple but cool so I started doing that in the mornings and I was still dry and I added a new non-alcohol toner the Mario Badescu aloe one. I am so happy with the MB aloe toner I had to write about it. that’s step 2 in the morning and then I finish off with a nice cream like Dr. Hauschka or Dermalogica.

Nights I will start my removing process with either burt’s bees or the sample of Erno Laszlo Phelityl oil. To my surprise they both smell similar like a more lovely version of J&J products. Very soft and almost powdery. Then I’ll wash my face with a white tea cleanser tone with MB aloe toner and slap on some dermalogica.

My makeup routine has changed too. I’m on my very last bit of the it cosmetics your skin but better cc cream (which I plan to repurchase)and I just recently bought a bottle of the Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation. It has a strong scent to it but the thinness is nice to blend with my regular tinted sunscreens. I mix the two and then I tap on some tarte shape tape in medium and finish my look with some by terry cream blush. lip products I switch around but I feel like my summer products are going to be between 3 items: the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder in #4, the Chanel vitalumiere aqua, and the it cosmetics cc cream but I’m leaning towards the new illuminating one to cut me some slack of blending items. Oh I want the Charlotte Gainsbourg + Nars skin shimmering thingy. don’t know the official name but I want it….im still shocked she chopped off her locks.

mid May 2017 empties

-Smith’s rose and mandarin salve

-Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towlettes

-caudalie beauty elixir

-Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer “natural radiance”

-Evian facial spray 1.7oz

-Tracie Martyn toner

samples of: kiehls pure vitality skin renewing cream, dermalogica daily microfoliant, becca topaz shimmering skin perfector

honestly my favorite of all these were the becca topaz shimmering skin perfector and the daily microfoliant.


Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector

My cousin, a die hard fan of Clarins had told me repeatedly to purchase their lip products. In her car was a melted down version of their blue and white (I think) tube of lip balm. I was like “aren’t you going to toss this its all melted down” she was like “no no no leave my clarins lip balm in there that’s for emergencies” and I was like “got it–”

I came across this article about Taylor Hill the supermodel recommending the blue tube lip balm my cousin adored. I debated between that lip balm and this cool slick tinted tube called instant light. I went online checked color swatches and decided on #6. I can’t say enough about how much I like it. Its moisturizing, its compact it comes with a soft applicator and to me smells like caramel. I could go on and on about how much I love the Clarins instant light. Now I understand my cousins obsession with Clarins. I like to joke with my friends and family and when I talk about something I love I go “just take my money!” This was one of those items. LOVE IT

Drugstore Find

I’ve decided to call any and all my new under $20 drugstore items: drugstore find.

I have been thinking about trying the L’oreal voluminous mascara for quite some time now. I generally use brown, purple, red brown or blue mascaras. My favorite of all those is blue. I always bought the YSL brand because of how nice my lashes would look. Once I found out L’oreal came out with blue, it was fate I had to have it. All I can say is it reminds me of YSL. The blue comes out nice, it smells nice and its under 11 or 12 bucks. I believe its about 8 or 9 bucks. I had to give up my YSL mascara habit because I would have to order online and it cost 30 plus dollars which is a lot even for me because you can’t use mascara over 1 1/2 months because its unsanitary….so happy with my drugstore find. My plans are to stock up on more hello bulk shopping!

Dry Combination Skin Issues

When people ask me how would I describe my skin I usually say dry/combination or dry sensitive. I had to really find products that work for me and I still do to this day. I realized I can’t do charcoal masks because my skin instantly burns, I can’t use the recovery type products from a famous brand because that also burns my skin upon application. One or two drugstore sun care item was so hard on my skin I had my face breakout in big acne. Real bad stuff. Apparently the AHAs are drying me out so bad I decided to do a switch up on my cleansers and I also bought a different moisturizer. I always had good luck with white tea products so I’m using the Burt’s bees oil cleanser then following up with white tea cleanser and once every 3-4 days I throw in an exfoliator that isn’t too tough on my now severely dry skin. Rough bumps are almost all gone. Thank goodness.