Leonor Greyl Bamboo Shampoo

For some reasons a couple days ago, my hair decided to quit being shiny and just got dry and brittle. Funny story it did that mostly on the top to mid section and the ends are just frizzy and damaged..I was real confused and upset but I realized I had a sample of the Leonor Greyl bamboo shampoo for dry, long hair. Let me tell you, its amazing! Its not sulfate free so normally I’d steer away from it for that reason but I haven’t had a LG product I didn’t like. My hair instantly came back to life I was so happy to see the bounciness was back and not have to worry hand combing would give me problems. No problems whatsoever! The only thing I don’t like is the scent. The scent is a bit off-putting. Almost masculine. It reminds me of a nice male cologne but everything else is superb!

I finish my routine with the ouai hair mask or something from Alterna caviar! Im pretty sold on the product that Im willing to get a bottle of that and maybe a bottle of that cool Briogeo one! Until then Im going to quietly use my mother’s pantene age defy shampoo. Anyone have an idea if the OGX brand’s bamboo shampoo is any good? I’ve always loved their shampoos!




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