Josie Maran Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer with spf

Things I tried this week: Josie Maran argan cleansing oil, Josie Maran moisturizer with spf, and last but not least the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil. Here are my thoughts!

JM argan cleansing oil-The scent is at first strong but grows on you the texture is not thick or thin its just right. It goes on smooth and feels real nice on your skin. Once I washed it off I was very pleased with how clean my face looked no spf residue or anything but I did use the whole sample packet.

Jm moisturizer with spf-comes in simple and lovely glass. There is a light scent of citrus which is very nice. Initially it looks white but once blended on not as visible and perfect as a primer under your bb cream! I was told my skin looked dewy and nice.

Bobbi Brown cleansing oil has cool ingredients in it one of them was jasmine which I love. I don’t think it smells as strong as the JM one but its thinner and I like my cleansing oils a bit thicker but it did get my sunblock off I know why its a popular makeup remover.

My favorite product out of all 3? The JM cleansing oil Im going to purchase a bottle once my current cleansing oil is empty.


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