Mac Fix+ and Stila Aqua Glow Concealer

I’m always looking for a way to moisturize and not look cakey during the summer and I come across an article either about how you can spray your beautyblender.  The first thing I thought was that’s odd but then again I’m always dry and I just happen to have a bottle of fix + I bought on recommendation a while back. When I was in my early 20s I was a big MAC fan but it kinda faded and I started buying French cosmetics because its all my friends used. My friends were mostly Dior cosmetic girls. Others YSL. So I used those. My MAC fix + sat on my dresser for a while…

I washed my bb, lightly drained the water out with a clean towel let it air dry some and then sprayed it with the fix + then dabbed the sponge onto my hand where I had some stila bb cream on and it applied so smooth and I didn’t have to spray my face mid day with anything! Not a lot of patchy areas too! Im using a lot of stila right now. My friend turned me to that too. lol  So my newest purchase is the stila aqua glow concealer. Its very unique. It has this glass or plastic applicator and you squeeze the tube to get just enough and a little goes a long way. I bought this concealer as a replacement to the one Im currently using. Im using this burberry click type one but it has been hard. I’ve found myself clicking on that pen like a nut to find it not come out and giving up or finding it finally came out and oozed onto the insides of the lid. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Everything from the packaging to the shade but Im always on the go and I can’t be clicking away on a product I can’t get out on time or just waste it inside the lid. I need a good reliable concealer and I found it in the stila aqua glow! I’d get it again for sure.  Has anyone seen the new Urban Decay Moondust palette? The colors are so pretty. Im also really tempted to try the one and done…I’ll have to check those out in person!



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