100 Degrees.

I must say the past 2-3 days have been ridiculously hot. Its humid more than anything and I really wished we could get some more rain. It would help bring this humidity down. I find myself dripping in sweat sauna style. When Im not just “sweating it out sauna style” my skin is irritated from itching and I find myself slathering on honey balms. Its crazy. I find myself drinking lots of water and watermelons. Those two help recharge my energy.

As for my skin I found out all the dairy I cut out was breaking me out? I know what you’re thinking that happens? Turns out it could. I don’t eat fish or eggs so there’s very limited ways I can get vitamin D in my system. I like eggs but I cut back on them and dairy I gave up for good for a couple months now but…I can’t recover from my random lower face acne and found out it might be because I’m lacking vitamin D. Turns out there were good reasons behind the serums and tablets. I started eating cheese again yesterday and today not only do I feel better my skin is looking better. I don’t know if I’d eat lots of dairy but enough so I won’t break out. Eggs here and there too. I saw a lady on a blog with amazing skin and I noticed she had a bottle of vitamin D serum…tempted! LOL I was more into vitamin C but maybe I’ll look into vitamin D next.

Im hoping it cools down soon I need to replace my bb cream which is just about empty now. Two types. Debating between two new brands. I’ll write more on that next time! Drink lots of water and stay hydrated everyone!


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