iPod Broke and Im Devastated

Im so devastated about my iPod giving out. My friend and her brother say I can get the battery looked at but I don’t know. If its going to cost a fortune Im almost tempted to replace it for a newer one. When you really need to save money, things just have to break! Im already trying to get some more pricey skin products to combat my sunspots and acne and now my iPod? I almost dropped my macbook and I was like great I can just break everything at once and just have my iPad. lol

Anyway I do have some skincare update and funny I say this now after not even giving it a shot but Im really digging the Mario Badescu drying lotion. Very good stuff. Im really trying my best to not touch my face when I breakout. After the one cream I won’t mention broke me out from my cheek to chin area I got all scarred up and Im trying to work on clearing that out with good skincare. Its strong so I would not recommend going near the sun with the product or putting it all over just on the new spots you want to go away. The AHAs products really clear my skin in general but the sun sensitivity is scary. Here I’m trying to improve sunspots but I forget I like to be by the sun for no reason sometimes. So Im currently using a bb cream with peptides and higher spf. Im cleansing with kate somerville’s foaming cleanser but I replaced the eradiKate with Mario Badescu.

My iPod couldn’t have broken at a better time because Im still trying to get a high spf product and replace my now empty night cream. I feel like if everything breaks, I might just stick with a bigger memory iPad or the thin macbook.


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