Rediscovering Items

When Im not using my stila bb cream I like to use my new favorite sunscreens: tarteguard, josie maran’s spf47, and my skinceuticals one. I had always wanted to try something from skinceuticals and I can’t really afford the C E Ferulic so the sunscreen was my introduction item.  The skinceuticals sunscreen is great it blends onto skin nice it leaves a light white shade but I chose the non tinted so its ok. No sensitivity to the product and the high spf is a big bonus! I had misplaced my Hourglass palette(the one with the bronzer, blush and pearly powders)and I found it so now that my face is so pale and white from sunscreen what better than bronzer.  I really like the Hourglass powder palette don’t know if its limited edition but if its not I highly recommend it. The bronzer is very easy to brush on you can build it up to your liking. I think the shade is universal. The blush in there isn’t loud and in your face either. I like that. I can see myself brushing both products and maybe the white pearly one under my eyes so wake me up! Love love love the powder palette.

I still want to get the creamy palette and their serum no. 28 it looks soooo good. Has anyone tried it or owned it?? I might buy a bottle when I go on travel the next time! Looks very cool and everyone using it on sephora photos look phenomenal!

Josie Maran Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer with spf

Things I tried this week: Josie Maran argan cleansing oil, Josie Maran moisturizer with spf, and last but not least the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil. Here are my thoughts!

JM argan cleansing oil-The scent is at first strong but grows on you the texture is not thick or thin its just right. It goes on smooth and feels real nice on your skin. Once I washed it off I was very pleased with how clean my face looked no spf residue or anything but I did use the whole sample packet.

Jm moisturizer with spf-comes in simple and lovely glass. There is a light scent of citrus which is very nice. Initially it looks white but once blended on not as visible and perfect as a primer under your bb cream! I was told my skin looked dewy and nice.

Bobbi Brown cleansing oil has cool ingredients in it one of them was jasmine which I love. I don’t think it smells as strong as the JM one but its thinner and I like my cleansing oils a bit thicker but it did get my sunblock off I know why its a popular makeup remover.

My favorite product out of all 3? The JM cleansing oil Im going to purchase a bottle once my current cleansing oil is empty.

Mac Fix+ and Stila Aqua Glow Concealer

I’m always looking for a way to moisturize and not look cakey during the summer and I come across an article either about how you can spray your beautyblender.  The first thing I thought was that’s odd but then again I’m always dry and I just happen to have a bottle of fix + I bought on recommendation a while back. When I was in my early 20s I was a big MAC fan but it kinda faded and I started buying French cosmetics because its all my friends used. My friends were mostly Dior cosmetic girls. Others YSL. So I used those. My MAC fix + sat on my dresser for a while…

I washed my bb, lightly drained the water out with a clean towel let it air dry some and then sprayed it with the fix + then dabbed the sponge onto my hand where I had some stila bb cream on and it applied so smooth and I didn’t have to spray my face mid day with anything! Not a lot of patchy areas too! Im using a lot of stila right now. My friend turned me to that too. lol  So my newest purchase is the stila aqua glow concealer. Its very unique. It has this glass or plastic applicator and you squeeze the tube to get just enough and a little goes a long way. I bought this concealer as a replacement to the one Im currently using. Im using this burberry click type one but it has been hard. I’ve found myself clicking on that pen like a nut to find it not come out and giving up or finding it finally came out and oozed onto the insides of the lid. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Everything from the packaging to the shade but Im always on the go and I can’t be clicking away on a product I can’t get out on time or just waste it inside the lid. I need a good reliable concealer and I found it in the stila aqua glow! I’d get it again for sure.  Has anyone seen the new Urban Decay Moondust palette? The colors are so pretty. Im also really tempted to try the one and done…I’ll have to check those out in person!


100 Degrees.

I must say the past 2-3 days have been ridiculously hot. Its humid more than anything and I really wished we could get some more rain. It would help bring this humidity down. I find myself dripping in sweat sauna style. When Im not just “sweating it out sauna style” my skin is irritated from itching and I find myself slathering on honey balms. Its crazy. I find myself drinking lots of water and watermelons. Those two help recharge my energy.

As for my skin I found out all the dairy I cut out was breaking me out? I know what you’re thinking that happens? Turns out it could. I don’t eat fish or eggs so there’s very limited ways I can get vitamin D in my system. I like eggs but I cut back on them and dairy I gave up for good for a couple months now but…I can’t recover from my random lower face acne and found out it might be because I’m lacking vitamin D. Turns out there were good reasons behind the serums and tablets. I started eating cheese again yesterday and today not only do I feel better my skin is looking better. I don’t know if I’d eat lots of dairy but enough so I won’t break out. Eggs here and there too. I saw a lady on a blog with amazing skin and I noticed she had a bottle of vitamin D serum…tempted! LOL I was more into vitamin C but maybe I’ll look into vitamin D next.

Im hoping it cools down soon I need to replace my bb cream which is just about empty now. Two types. Debating between two new brands. I’ll write more on that next time! Drink lots of water and stay hydrated everyone!

iPod Broke and Im Devastated

Im so devastated about my iPod giving out. My friend and her brother say I can get the battery looked at but I don’t know. If its going to cost a fortune Im almost tempted to replace it for a newer one. When you really need to save money, things just have to break! Im already trying to get some more pricey skin products to combat my sunspots and acne and now my iPod? I almost dropped my macbook and I was like great I can just break everything at once and just have my iPad. lol

Anyway I do have some skincare update and funny I say this now after not even giving it a shot but Im really digging the Mario Badescu drying lotion. Very good stuff. Im really trying my best to not touch my face when I breakout. After the one cream I won’t mention broke me out from my cheek to chin area I got all scarred up and Im trying to work on clearing that out with good skincare. Its strong so I would not recommend going near the sun with the product or putting it all over just on the new spots you want to go away. The AHAs products really clear my skin in general but the sun sensitivity is scary. Here I’m trying to improve sunspots but I forget I like to be by the sun for no reason sometimes. So Im currently using a bb cream with peptides and higher spf. Im cleansing with kate somerville’s foaming cleanser but I replaced the eradiKate with Mario Badescu.

My iPod couldn’t have broken at a better time because Im still trying to get a high spf product and replace my now empty night cream. I feel like if everything breaks, I might just stick with a bigger memory iPad or the thin macbook.