New Hair Products I tried(and Loved)

I thought what better than to post about the fairly new products I tried and loved so here we go! First product I tried was the alterna pre shampoo treatment. What you do is dab it all over your DRY hair, let it sit between 5-15 minutes wash it out, then shampoo and condition as usual. End results were great I was left with more volume and moisture!

I tried biotin products for the first time after all my friends raving about it and I must say I see added volume and I really enjoyed biotin shampoo.

Last but not least, Bumble and bumble curl (care) I think thats the name of the newest line for waves/curly hair and its awesome. Shampoo smells good but the conditioner was the winner out of the two. The creaminess was amazing it was so easy to put on the ends of my still dry and frizzy hair and I enjoyed every second of it. I rinsed it out after a minute or so of leaving it on and I didn’t even use a styling product and my waves look flawless. The scent lingers but I LOVE it !!!



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