Sunscreen/Makeup Removing Made Simple.

Im really loving the pond’s original wipes. They smell real nice, they’re thicker so they don’t tear quick and it takes off my makeup but isn’t abrasive. Yesterday I went to go grab my KGD wipes to find out it was an empty package. I must’ve used the last one in the package and forgot to toss it but it so sad until I saw a pack of the Pond’s wipes. Its perfect for the sensitive skin girls.

Now that Im out of my cleansing waters, Im cleansing at night with a bottle of the bare minerals oil obsessed cleanser. I would say the scent is very herbal and natural. If you’re sensitive to scents its probably something to pass on but I really love how easily my makeup melts off while I massage it on my face. Now that I do heavy sunscreen because I use AHA products daily, I need that oil to melt off everything. Ofcourse I double cleanse but that oil makes everything much easier for me. My night routine is just the oil obsessed cleanser, then either the Kate Somerville exfoliKate foaming face wash or the Estee Lauder one. Im kinda loving Estee Lauder lately. I don’t know if its the modern vibe and great ingredients but Im interested in a lot of the new goodies. The bronze goddess luminizer looks wonderful so do all the EL edit products! If I had all the money in the world. I’d go to town on the products.


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