We Need Rain.Soon.

Boy am I glad this month is just about over. It was a bad month, a busy month. It was just crazy. Im still trying to figure out why some of the things I want to read aren’t loading either but I just gave up on the idea. I’ll do it when I get notifications I guess..Im so behind on technology and how things work. I was just thinking about calling the computer nerd my dad and I love.

Im hoping July and August aren’t roasting hot with no rain because its real tough on my body. Humidity makes my motivation for anything go down. I have given up cookies and sweets but I did sneak in a couple of the new starbucks lineup. I tried the granitas? I think that’s what they’re called. I had the strawberry shortcake trifle, the strawberry lemon limeade granita, the caramel espresso granita, and finally one of the new frappuccinos and so far my favorite was the strawberry lemon limeade granita. The strawberry shortcake trifle comes in a mini size container so if you’re thinking its at least a grande, skip the thought. The mini scones were adorable though! Now that everything I own and use daily is just about gone Im thinking about trying that new Josie Maran stuff. I have her cleansing oil and this moisturizer Im looking foward to try. Im thinking to cut budget Im willing to buy a bottle of that Garnier cleansing water. My mother had a bottle and I used some of it and liked it. So thats definitely on my go and get list on top of some of this booster I tried.


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