How is Everyone?

I was in so much shock after the Orlando shooting and the Voice star shooting that I was in the twilight zone for a while. My first thoughts were wait I have friends in Orlando and why did this happen. What a crazy week. There’s really nothing to say comfort anyone but I really hope we spend as much time with are loved ones as we can because we never know who’s out there. In the past few months, I got so scared I quit going to the big places I used to love. This tragedy also made me realize that I really need to go see people I haven’t seen in years maybe even patch up failed friendships.

The weather is so beautiful out but you just can’t help but feel sad. All I really did with my week was workout and think about things. I thought about my friend who lives right by Orlando, my other friends in Florida, my best friends who live in two different states and how I need to go hang out with them. I had been planning a nice trip to San Diego for some time to go see my best friend but I may just do that trip sooner. I hope everyone is doing well. I plan on having a quiet Father’s Day with my family. I got him something he really likes so hoping he’s happy with his gift. I got him a really cool card too!



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