Im such a creature of habit I hate change but I think I need to start reading more. I really want to get the Diane Keaton book, and I still haven’t finished Kate Hudson’s pretty happy yet…I got carried away doing other things. I also lost my opportunity to watch the Martian the other day and I felt so sad. Anyone see that yet?

Im really bummed about how my skin broke out because it was real bad this time and I looked back at everything I used and found out it was this new moisturizer I bought. It was in the mashed box I got a couple weeks ago? The product sounded convincing enough I threw out the return papers so…oh well. Im looking forward to using a lot of creamy items to blur out my skin flareup. I can see myself using a lot of the RMS master mixer and this new Becca and Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop stuff. I heard such great things about the powder but powder products dry me out so bad. The only powder products I’ve bought recently are bronzers. I still mist something over the bronzing powders. Im thinking about using AHA products for the next few days to clear things out. I bought the Kate Somerville exfoliKate face wash and I like that when my skin isn’t clear. I heard AHAs make you sensitive to the sun so I’d probably wear the higher spf but heck my skin is so bad this time I need all the help I can get, Im using all things that blur out my imperfections. I may have to pull out my Charlotte Tilbury light wonder again even though Im trying to save it for emergencies. lol


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