After all these months of wondering if it was worth it, I finally bought a couple of the sheet masks from TONYMOLY. I bought it because my friend is a big fan of all things Korean and her birthday is coming up. I figured it was worth a try.

The sheet masks are so cute. The pictures make it easy to figure out what ingredients are in each mask and the front shows you what exactly you are trying to target in terms of damage/wanting to repair. Im always dry so moisture or fixing pores would be my choice. I also have to watch products with specific ingredients that make my skin burn. I may be allergic to retinol so no retinol for me. The mask I tried today was the aloe one. Within the first 15 minutes I realized my forehead must’ve been real dry because it drank up the liquid on the sheet mask like no other. I enjoyed the mask so much that I didn’t want to put makeup on and have to wipe away all that good stuff from my face so I’m makeup free, not dry and very pleased. I really hope my friend enjoys the sheet mask as much as I did because I can’t say enough about the aloe mask! It smells lightly herbal it moisturizes and the packaging is adorable. Im definitely thinking about buying more goodies from the TONYMOLY line. Im sold!


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