New Hair Products I tried(and Loved)

I thought what better than to post about the fairly new products I tried and loved so here we go! First product I tried was the alterna pre shampoo treatment. What you do is dab it all over your DRY hair, let it sit between 5-15 minutes wash it out, then shampoo and condition as usual. End results were great I was left with more volume and moisture!

I tried biotin products for the first time after all my friends raving about it and I must say I see added volume and I really enjoyed biotin shampoo.

Last but not least, Bumble and bumble curl (care) I think thats the name of the newest line for waves/curly hair and its awesome. Shampoo smells good but the conditioner was the winner out of the two. The creaminess was amazing it was so easy to put on the ends of my still dry and frizzy hair and I enjoyed every second of it. I rinsed it out after a minute or so of leaving it on and I didn’t even use a styling product and my waves look flawless. The scent lingers but I LOVE it !!!


Sunscreen/Makeup Removing Made Simple.

Im really loving the pond’s original wipes. They smell real nice, they’re thicker so they don’t tear quick and it takes off my makeup but isn’t abrasive. Yesterday I went to go grab my KGD wipes to find out it was an empty package. I must’ve used the last one in the package and forgot to toss it but it so sad until I saw a pack of the Pond’s wipes. Its perfect for the sensitive skin girls.

Now that Im out of my cleansing waters, Im cleansing at night with a bottle of the bare minerals oil obsessed cleanser. I would say the scent is very herbal and natural. If you’re sensitive to scents its probably something to pass on but I really love how easily my makeup melts off while I massage it on my face. Now that I do heavy sunscreen because I use AHA products daily, I need that oil to melt off everything. Ofcourse I double cleanse but that oil makes everything much easier for me. My night routine is just the oil obsessed cleanser, then either the Kate Somerville exfoliKate foaming face wash or the Estee Lauder one. Im kinda loving Estee Lauder lately. I don’t know if its the modern vibe and great ingredients but Im interested in a lot of the new goodies. The bronze goddess luminizer looks wonderful so do all the EL edit products! If I had all the money in the world. I’d go to town on the products.

We Need Rain.Soon.

Boy am I glad this month is just about over. It was a bad month, a busy month. It was just crazy. Im still trying to figure out why some of the things I want to read aren’t loading either but I just gave up on the idea. I’ll do it when I get notifications I guess..Im so behind on technology and how things work. I was just thinking about calling the computer nerd my dad and I love.

Im hoping July and August aren’t roasting hot with no rain because its real tough on my body. Humidity makes my motivation for anything go down. I have given up cookies and sweets but I did sneak in a couple of the new starbucks lineup. I tried the granitas? I think that’s what they’re called. I had the strawberry shortcake trifle, the strawberry lemon limeade granita, the caramel espresso granita, and finally one of the new frappuccinos and so far my favorite was the strawberry lemon limeade granita. The strawberry shortcake trifle comes in a mini size container so if you’re thinking its at least a grande, skip the thought. The mini scones were adorable though! Now that everything I own and use daily is just about gone Im thinking about trying that new Josie Maran stuff. I have her cleansing oil and this moisturizer Im looking foward to try. Im thinking to cut budget Im willing to buy a bottle of that Garnier cleansing water. My mother had a bottle and I used some of it and liked it. So thats definitely on my go and get list on top of some of this booster I tried.

How is Everyone?

I was in so much shock after the Orlando shooting and the Voice star shooting that I was in the twilight zone for a while. My first thoughts were wait I have friends in Orlando and why did this happen. What a crazy week. There’s really nothing to say comfort anyone but I really hope we spend as much time with are loved ones as we can because we never know who’s out there. In the past few months, I got so scared I quit going to the big places I used to love. This tragedy also made me realize that I really need to go see people I haven’t seen in years maybe even patch up failed friendships.

The weather is so beautiful out but you just can’t help but feel sad. All I really did with my week was workout and think about things. I thought about my friend who lives right by Orlando, my other friends in Florida, my best friends who live in two different states and how I need to go hang out with them. I had been planning a nice trip to San Diego for some time to go see my best friend but I may just do that trip sooner. I hope everyone is doing well. I plan on having a quiet Father’s Day with my family. I got him something he really likes so hoping he’s happy with his gift. I got him a really cool card too!


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

Finally tried both the very victoria and the amazing grace shades from the Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick lineup. Very victoria is a nice medium brown and amazing grace comes on like a nice matte cherry lip stain. I like them both but for summer if you want the pop of color definitely amazing grace and for a nice night out laid back look very victoria. This may just be me but the formula of the lipstick seems more creamy than the original CT lipsticks. I think I prefer the matte revolution!

Now that my favorite lipsticks are almost empty, I have something I can buy in the future. Im also on the hunt for a creamier bb for the winter weather. Anyone have recommendations? I have a couple bronzing items Im eyeing but I need that creamy spf product and Im doing serious research for something with over spf 30. ┬áSomething to mix with it so maybe that new Dr Jart illuminating bb. I know people that try more of the korean and japanese skincare than I do so Im asking them! One time a relative gave me this new mask Korea had put out. Once you put it on your skin it would fizz! It would fizz and you’d wash it off to find a more toned, almost pearly looking skin. It smelled like so nice I wished I had saved the label and asked for another bottle. It was that good.


Im such a creature of habit I hate change but I think I need to start reading more. I really want to get the Diane Keaton book, and I still haven’t finished Kate Hudson’s pretty happy yet…I got carried away doing other things. I also lost my opportunity to watch the Martian the other day and I felt so sad. Anyone see that yet?

Im really bummed about how my skin broke out because it was real bad this time and I looked back at everything I used and found out it was this new moisturizer I bought. It was in the mashed box I got a couple weeks ago? The product sounded convincing enough I threw out the return papers so…oh well. Im looking forward to using a lot of creamy items to blur out my skin flareup. I can see myself using a lot of the RMS master mixer and this new Becca and Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop stuff. I heard such great things about the powder but powder products dry me out so bad. The only powder products I’ve bought recently are bronzers. I still mist something over the bronzing powders. Im thinking about using AHA products for the next few days to clear things out. I bought the Kate Somerville exfoliKate face wash and I like that when my skin isn’t clear. I heard AHAs make you sensitive to the sun so I’d probably wear the higher spf but heck my skin is so bad this time I need all the help I can get, Im using all things that blur out my imperfections. I may have to pull out my Charlotte Tilbury light wonder again even though Im trying to save it for emergencies. lol


After all these months of wondering if it was worth it, I finally bought a couple of the sheet masks from TONYMOLY. I bought it because my friend is a big fan of all things Korean and her birthday is coming up. I figured it was worth a try.

The sheet masks are so cute. The pictures make it easy to figure out what ingredients are in each mask and the front shows you what exactly you are trying to target in terms of damage/wanting to repair. Im always dry so moisture or fixing pores would be my choice. I also have to watch products with specific ingredients that make my skin burn. I may be allergic to retinol so no retinol for me. The mask I tried today was the aloe one. Within the first 15 minutes I realized my forehead must’ve been real dry because it drank up the liquid on the sheet mask like no other. I enjoyed the mask so much that I didn’t want to put makeup on and have to wipe away all that good stuff from my face so I’m makeup free, not dry and very pleased. I really hope my friend enjoys the sheet mask as much as I did because I can’t say enough about the aloe mask! It smells lightly herbal it moisturizes and the packaging is adorable. Im definitely thinking about buying more goodies from the TONYMOLY line. Im sold!