Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation.

So its mother’s day hopefully everyone either had a nice brunch or spent their time with their families. I gave my mother a new version of the perfume she loves. You know when someone laid back loves something because they use it all the time or keep it close to them. My mom has this obsession with tiny things. I always look for tiny stuff. Funny huh?lol

I had a lovely day. The sun has come out and its really a great Sunday but I had nothing to do aside from wishing my mother a happy mother’s day so I pulled out that tarte rainforest of the sea foundation. The foundation is amazing. I always tell people if the foundation blends well, covers my skin issues which are generally sunspots random acne here and there and redness, I don’t have a reaction=its a winner. My skin is so sensitive and dry I have to literally moisturize and prime and some days spray something on top of my bb cream or foundation. With the r.o.s. foundation I found out there was an exact match to my skin tone! The shade is called light neutral. After one swipe I knew it was going to be perfect. What a great foundation there is no strong scent, it is so creamy it reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder. Perfect foundation to use with fingers or beauty blender. Its so lightweight but it covers! I like to brush some bronzer to finish my look but a couple drops something pearly would look great too. I recommend this foundation to the sensitive skin girls!


Eventful Weekend.

This week was full of surprises some good, some bad. The bad was bad enough to give me a headache. The good was being able to talk to friends. I have this one real cool friend who gives me updates on good food and music.  Every few days she posts on a cool cafe, menus for desserts or mac and cheese. I had asked her about something I read about and she goes “no just no” and I laughed so hard. I’d rather have someone tell me if something is a bad investment or not. She does a good job convincing me to avoid bad purchases.

So yesterday, I went to this beauty store looked around saw some great finds and tested some products. There was a cc cream I had debated to buy for quite some time…my thoughts after testing it, NOPE. lol The product did nothing to cover imperfections. Im no longer that person with natural glowing skin, I need a lot help.  Unfortunately no Charlotte Tilbury, or burberry. I suppose I can go the distance for them.

Today I had someone go run errands for me and turns out the item I wanted is now marked down and I was like “yes get all of it” lol. Would that be considered a bit obsessive? I always think when a store like Target does markdowns, they will be doing away with the brand itself. I can’t take any chances…and of course last but not least, I will be trying the Becca brand backlight priming filter and the new Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation either tomorrow or Monday. I look forward to posting my thoughts on it!


Liquid Blender Cleanser

My review on the liquid blender cleanser(for the beauty blender)I went into sephora to read instructions. Here is what I thought:

-smells clean, reminds you of organic lavender

-the consistency is very gel like but not too heavy

-you put about less than a teaspoon and it cleans a dirty beauty blender like no other

-yes, I still see some minor old stains from most likely a cream blush lol

If I would rate the product, I’d give it a 8.5/10. I would consider buying a big bottle it just about washed off all my Nars Laguna liquid bronzer from my beauty blender. Not bad if you ask me. Wished I had done the whole soak in thing-might’ve worked better for the older blush stains.

New Hourglass Primer

I thought long before I gave into sunscreen free primer…and my choice was the new hourglass primer. I really liked their original veil primer with the sun protection because of how smooth it made my dry skin feel. This new one is less creamy in texture but the color I chose was very pretty. The shade I chose was mood light. I probably could go out with just the primer on because it blurred some of my imperfections. The too faced coconut primer is jut about empty so I really wanted to make sure I love this new primer because I plan to use it everyday until it runs out. Im super tempted to try their other stuff for sure now. I tried their tinted moisturizer I think…may be called something else but it was nice.

Im now the proud owner of 3 hourglass products! Now if I can get my hands on the illume trio I’d feel complete.

It Finally Broke…

The beauty blender cleanser solid finally broke to pieces today. Ofcourse being the stubborn person I am I still used it one last time to clean off my beauty blender. I get to break out the new liquid version of the cleanser today! I happened to get a sample of it a while back and I always wanted to know what it was like. I will let you know when I try it.

The new Nars laguna liquid bronzer is a great product. I had to share my excitement here. I was already excited to hear they made a liquid version of the cult favorite bronzer but its very nice. The product is just real creamy easy to blend. 2-3 drops on the beauty blender after you apply your bb cream or maybe even mixing it together would be fantastic. I used about 3 drops and used a beauty blender and dabbed it all over and I was pretty happy with how great it looked. I read on an article that if you’re trying to look more youthful, you need creamy luminizer and to switch up to creamy products in general. I couldn’t agree more with the article. Now that I use less powdery products I don’t look or feel as dry but when I do use the powder products to finish my look, I always mist my face. If you want to avoid powder bronzer you might want to look at the Nars laguna liquid bronzer. Aside from that I see a couple other great future purchases:hourglass illume trio and that Tom Ford creamy one with the luminizer looking thing in it. So dreamy!