Chantecaille Just Skin.

Guess who just tried Chantecaille’s just skin today? I know some people love just skin others were like it doesn’t cover enough but to me it seems like with a good primer I didn’t even need to put on concealer. To me if I look decent without concealer the product is good enough to invest on. It seemed like the more time that would go by, the nicer the product looked on my skin. I couldn’t ask for me. This product reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder but they’re different…I feel like this one is a tad more dry feeling that the light wonder…but nothing a mist can’t help. Another product I want to bring up since Im already posting…nuxe huile prodigieuse shimmer. The shimmery oil is so gorgeous on skin I can’t wait until I use it daily on the warmer months. I generally use something thick and creamy during the colder months but this oil is going to come in so handy. If you’re not into gardenia, I say pass on it but I don’t know the light gold shimmer is so elegant you may want to think about it. I can honestly tell you I would’ve never bought it just to buy it but when I got a sample I was quite excited about it. Today was first time using it and I was impressed with the light but nice gold elegant shimmer. Its not in your face dark but enough to accent your neck area, arms, or legs! I don’t know which gold shimmery product I like better the RMS master mixer or the Nuxe shimmer oil! Both are so pretty!


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