Passing on Deals…….

Oh don’t you just hate when you finally move on and start to run low on something, someone sends you a discount of a lifetime. To me a discount of a lifetime is anything over 15% because no one gives them anymore. lol

I really wanted to replace some of the candles that are close to burned out, wanted to get my hands on some of the new cult brands and I also wanted some random stuff like moisturizers. You could never have enough moisturizer because of skin tolerances and whatnot. I also wished I had bought more Koh Gen Do stuff before it got hot like this. Im kind of excited to see if they really carry KGD in Japan in the select stores I looked up. I started jotting down more places to check out and Im quite excited. I also want to say hey sephora thanks for putting cool new brands into your store whether its an online exclusive or for both! I am so impressed with the new selections. Everything from the K beauty lines, RMS….organic shampoo brands…so awesome. I just got another Klorane sample from some other store the olive one…I was going to give to a friend of mine but…Im curious about it so Im keeping it. lol. Does anyone know if John Masters will ever come in to Sephora? That would be amazing huh?

On another note has anyone got a badly beat up package and felt confused. I had one of those days today. I didn’t know whether to take a sigh or just walk away and be like nononononono…..but I got over it quite quick because the contents blew me away!


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