So Grateful for Great Skincare.

Yesterday I noticed this one section of my lower face was red it seemed irritated or dry. I didn’t think much of it and did the usual, put on some primer then my two favorites a light bb cream and topped it off with some bronzer. I should’ve known my skin was telling me don’t wear anything…but of course I did and boy did I regret the decision. Within an hour my lower cheek and chin area on the right side had swollen up started to give me a real bad burning sensation and I had to immediately take off all of my makeup. I had to come up with a good plan and I said Koh gen do! I always use Koh gen do when I need my skin to clear up something about the product…I think the hot spring water they use really soothes. So I took off my makeup with KGD (helped instantly)and I washed off my makeup by cleansing with Dr. Alkaitis. Today on day 2, I used a chamomile and rosemary mask just on the troubled area and it seemed to help. Im just using a honey cream on the area. It has helped a lot. Since my hair will hit the area I have avoided all hair styling products too.

My dad joked that my body is craving coffee and I was like no doubt about it but I don’t think its that. lol Has anyone had that problem? I feel like I have this happen to me every few years and sometimes twice a year or so. Clearly the problem was before I put my makeup on so that is what makes me curious….tomorrow’s plan sheet mask!


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