Wait a Minute…


Two nights ago, I got severe pain in my abdomen and had to read up on how/why. I started thinking maybe it was all the caffeine I had or maybe may diet and I may have been onto something because I read what to avoid when I have abdomen pain/cramps. I gave up coffee, sugar and the starchy foods and the discomfort got a little better. I didn’t read about green tea being bad so I replaced my coffee with green tea and basically changed my drinks to water and green tea. I got lazy and started mixing the two together and the next thing you know I started losing a lot of body fat. WHAT. Are you telling me it was that easy?lol

So anyway dark green tea mix it with water. I drink lots of it all throughout the day.  There is a real cool store a couple miles from where I live its really like a select shop and they carry everything I love but Im never thin enough to make a purchase. Has anyone had that feeling? They’d carry up to a size 30-31 and Im off the grid there. lol. Im finally inspired to really do a 180 for myself. I’ve decided to start jotting down what I eat, the calories and keep track of how long a work out each week….so that’s that and this summer I plan to paint my nail in every green and blue shade available. I just thought that would be fun. On my wish list is a nice darker yellow, a lilac purple polish, that new styling wax from Oribe and of course anything from the Tom Ford summer line! I bought 2 things from Tom Ford and now Im hooked. The rose soleil lipstick is phenomenal! The shade is so beautiful.



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