New Obsession.

I hadn’t used the Ouai conditioner for a while and yesterday I decided to get it off the shelf and use it and I was so happy I did. My hair is so smooth. Im using the pink version, the repair conditioner. It smells so heavenly. I washed my hair last night but my hair looks even better today. You know a hair product is wonderful when you don’t even have to put on something to stop frizz on the tips and you have wavy hair.  I had been using the red oribe line for beautiful color for years and it got so expensive. My hair looked and smelled great but they raise their prices all the time and I had to tell myself I need something a little cheaper but just as great. Look no further than ouai now I really want the hair oil and the mousse.

I also got another chance to try the Becca backlight primer and honestly the longer I left it on by itself I had a nice glow going but underneath makeup not sure if it would show up as much. Definitely a nice product if you’re skin is clear. I have imperfections I want to hide and it doesn’t quite suit me. No bad reactions to the product so I can tell you its probably not bad for sensitive skin. Now that Im talking about Becca I figured why not bring out what Im doing right now. I dug out my rose gold shimmering skin perfector the other day and I thought about how I would use it. Then it hit me that everyone uses it to finish their look or as highlighters. I use it as the last product to finish off my look. I’ll start off with the too faced hangover primer, a light coverage bb cream, then I conceal the darkness under my eyes and I use my fingers to dab the becca rose gold shimmering skin perfector in a patting motion all over. It works like magic! The dewy glow looks so effortless and this look may become my new go-to. I’ve tried the lighter shades but I think rose gold is by far my favorite!


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