Becca Backlight and Other Things.

I tried the becca backlight primer today. Here are my thoughts/opinion(s)

-the texture is very creamy,easy to blend onto skin

-the scent is rather strong

-the color is a pearly pink champagne-ish

-I wasn’t sure if the product showed up on my skin much/maybe that’s how its supposed to look more natural?

-makeup application was smooth after this primer

So Im still on the fence on the primer but I am willing to use this primer one more time to debate if I’m not using it right. Maybe I should wear it by itself….hmm?

On another note Im cleaning my whole sink area/bathroom because Im having guests on Thursday. Im really enjoying the new sanitizers I got because they smell incredible. I joked to people that I was set for another year or two with my stash of antibacterial products. I was very intrigued by a lot of the stuff makeup artists carry and I bought some things that I saw on their tables. This summer Im just going to lay low and buy everything local. I just feel like Im a sucker for new lineups and they all seem to come out in the middle of summer and I order them to find them all melty and its just so sad/tragic so to this year. Too bad some stores don’t carry the hourglass line….and last but not least, WHO SAW THE NEW YSL MASCARA VINYL COUTURE?WHAAAT I WANT ALL OF THE SHADES.


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