Eventful Weekend.

This week was full of surprises some good, some bad. The bad was bad enough to give me a headache. The good was being able to talk to friends. I have this one real cool friend who gives me updates on good food and music.  Every few days she posts on a cool cafe, menus for desserts or mac and cheese. I had asked her about something I read about and she goes “no just no” and I laughed so hard. I’d rather have someone tell me if something is a bad investment or not. She does a good job convincing me to avoid bad purchases.

So yesterday, I went to this beauty store looked around saw some great finds and tested some products. There was a cc cream I had debated to buy for quite some time…my thoughts after testing it, NOPE. lol The product did nothing to cover imperfections. Im no longer that person with natural glowing skin, I need a lot help.  Unfortunately no Charlotte Tilbury, or burberry. I suppose I can go the distance for them.

Today I had someone go run errands for me and turns out the item I wanted is now marked down and I was like “yes get all of it” lol. Would that be considered a bit obsessive? I always think when a store like Target does markdowns, they will be doing away with the brand itself. I can’t take any chances…and of course last but not least, I will be trying the Becca brand backlight priming filter and the new Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation either tomorrow or Monday. I look forward to posting my thoughts on it!



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