May 2016 Empties.

-Md Solar Sciences mineral tinted creme spf 30

-clarins instant light lip comfort oil -honey

-koh gen do moisture foundation

-koh gen do wipes

-bioderma 500ml

samples of tarte rain forest of the sea lighter shades, chantecaille just skin.

I must say I really loved a lot of stuff I finished up in May. I always asked myself how does one use those big bottles of bioderma? its possible because I went through 2 bottles in less than a year. It takes sunscreen off like no other and there’s not strong scent, the same with the koh gen do wipes. As for the md solar sciences mineral tinted creme I love everything about it because it suits pale skinned people like no other but the downside is the odd separating you get unless you shake it like crazy and you can’t really wear much powder on top but…the higher spf is a must! I’d still buy another tube for the really sunny days.


Humidity Brings Frizz I Don’t Need.

Downside to wavy or curly hair that has extra damage? The frizz that comes with humid weather. I really love the John Masters Organics rose + apricot hair milk. Usually the one product does everything but today my hair is flat and sad. I debated whether it was worth frying my hair with a hair dryer after avoiding it for so long or to use a curling iron but then it hit me I had beach hair products! My current favorite is the alterna beach products. They have everything from sprays to creamy stuff. I like them both but my current fave is the beach bb in the turquoise tube. Its like a vacation in a bottle. I think my current wavy hair product favorites are the ouai wave spray, the love+salt spray and the alterna beach bb. I think a little bit of volume makes hair look so sexy.

As for skincare I finally tried the sisley exfoliator. I was pretty impressed with it. Like most of their products it smells floral, the texture reminds you of the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant. I’ve tried 2 out of the 4 products I wanted to try from Sisley and I have nothing but praises for the brand! I just don’t know if I’ll be able to afford anything lol

2016 Summer Beauty/Hair Picks

The weatherman is generally right when he said tomorrow you’ll notice the temperature change…its probably going to hit the upper to mid 80s by 2pm. Im thinking its between 79-80 as I type this. Quick change! I am quite excited to tell you that I am ready for this heat because I already invested in great products for the next 3 months!

My selections include:

sun bum spf 30

md solar sciences spf 50

Tatcha luminous dewy skin mist

Charlotte Tilbury Light wonder

Chantecaille just skin

Rms master mixer

Tom ford pink sand cream blush

Nuxe huile prodigieuse shimmer

John Masters organics rose & apricot hair milk

Now if I could add the new la mer the after sun enhancer and the laura mercier bronzed butter face and body veil I’d feel 100% complete but I can’t afford it so…I’ll stick to the products I own(listed in the above list)

Chantecaille Just Skin.

Guess who just tried Chantecaille’s just skin today? I know some people love just skin others were like it doesn’t cover enough but to me it seems like with a good primer I didn’t even need to put on concealer. To me if I look decent without concealer the product is good enough to invest on. It seemed like the more time that would go by, the nicer the product looked on my skin. I couldn’t ask for me. This product reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder but they’re different…I feel like this one is a tad more dry feeling that the light wonder…but nothing a mist can’t help. Another product I want to bring up since Im already posting…nuxe huile prodigieuse shimmer. The shimmery oil is so gorgeous on skin I can’t wait until I use it daily on the warmer months. I generally use something thick and creamy during the colder months but this oil is going to come in so handy. If you’re not into gardenia, I say pass on it but I don’t know the light gold shimmer is so elegant you may want to think about it. I can honestly tell you I would’ve never bought it just to buy it but when I got a sample I was quite excited about it. Today was first time using it and I was impressed with the light but nice gold elegant shimmer. Its not in your face dark but enough to accent your neck area, arms, or legs! I don’t know which gold shimmery product I like better the RMS master mixer or the Nuxe shimmer oil! Both are so pretty!

Passing on Deals…….

Oh don’t you just hate when you finally move on and start to run low on something, someone sends you a discount of a lifetime. To me a discount of a lifetime is anything over 15% because no one gives them anymore. lol

I really wanted to replace some of the candles that are close to burned out, wanted to get my hands on some of the new cult brands and I also wanted some random stuff like moisturizers. You could never have enough moisturizer because of skin tolerances and whatnot. I also wished I had bought more Koh Gen Do stuff before it got hot like this. Im kind of excited to see if they really carry KGD in Japan in the select stores I looked up. I started jotting down more places to check out and Im quite excited. I also want to say hey sephora thanks for putting cool new brands into your store whether its an online exclusive or for both! I am so impressed with the new selections. Everything from the K beauty lines, RMS….organic shampoo brands…so awesome. I just got another Klorane sample from some other store the olive one…I was going to give to a friend of mine but…Im curious about it so Im keeping it. lol. Does anyone know if John Masters will ever come in to Sephora? That would be amazing huh?

On another note has anyone got a badly beat up package and felt confused. I had one of those days today. I didn’t know whether to take a sigh or just walk away and be like nononononono…..but I got over it quite quick because the contents blew me away!

So Grateful for Great Skincare.

Yesterday I noticed this one section of my lower face was red it seemed irritated or dry. I didn’t think much of it and did the usual, put on some primer then my two favorites a light bb cream and topped it off with some bronzer. I should’ve known my skin was telling me don’t wear anything…but of course I did and boy did I regret the decision. Within an hour my lower cheek and chin area on the right side had swollen up started to give me a real bad burning sensation and I had to immediately take off all of my makeup. I had to come up with a good plan and I said Koh gen do! I always use Koh gen do when I need my skin to clear up something about the product…I think the hot spring water they use really soothes. So I took off my makeup with KGD (helped instantly)and I washed off my makeup by cleansing with Dr. Alkaitis. Today on day 2, I used a chamomile and rosemary mask just on the troubled area and it seemed to help. Im just using a honey cream on the area. It has helped a lot. Since my hair will hit the area I have avoided all hair styling products too.

My dad joked that my body is craving coffee and I was like no doubt about it but I don’t think its that. lol Has anyone had that problem? I feel like I have this happen to me every few years and sometimes twice a year or so. Clearly the problem was before I put my makeup on so that is what makes me curious….tomorrow’s plan sheet mask!

Wait a Minute…


Two nights ago, I got severe pain in my abdomen and had to read up on how/why. I started thinking maybe it was all the caffeine I had or maybe may diet and I may have been onto something because I read what to avoid when I have abdomen pain/cramps. I gave up coffee, sugar and the starchy foods and the discomfort got a little better. I didn’t read about green tea being bad so I replaced my coffee with green tea and basically changed my drinks to water and green tea. I got lazy and started mixing the two together and the next thing you know I started losing a lot of body fat. WHAT. Are you telling me it was that easy?lol

So anyway dark green tea mix it with water. I drink lots of it all throughout the day.  There is a real cool store a couple miles from where I live its really like a select shop and they carry everything I love but Im never thin enough to make a purchase. Has anyone had that feeling? They’d carry up to a size 30-31 and Im off the grid there. lol. Im finally inspired to really do a 180 for myself. I’ve decided to start jotting down what I eat, the calories and keep track of how long a work out each week….so that’s that and this summer I plan to paint my nail in every green and blue shade available. I just thought that would be fun. On my wish list is a nice darker yellow, a lilac purple polish, that new styling wax from Oribe and of course anything from the Tom Ford summer line! I bought 2 things from Tom Ford and now Im hooked. The rose soleil lipstick is phenomenal! The shade is so beautiful.


RMS Master Mixer

I have no idea why I waited all this time to get my hands on the RMS master mixer. I’ve always loved the RMS products, the color is gorgeous, and it never gives me skin trouble. Sometimes I look at the size of the glass jar and Im like man, its kinda pricey and then you look up the ingredients and you feel good about it.

The color to me is a bit more sheer than becca’s opal shimmering skin perfector. I believe opal is the one thats more orangish gold. Im definitely using the master mixer over my lip products and on my eyelids. Its so creamy and easy to blend. Im so happy I bought it!

Im always looking for something to fix my skin issues and I love the RMS lip and skin balm cocoa is my favorite of the two choices, jao brand’s goe oil, and finally the booda organics booda butter. I also got a tube of the Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream and Im pretty excited about the unscented version. Even though its unscented, to me it smells like a hint of vanilla or something mildly sweet and delish! I joked that I bought it for my eyelids but it was like “warning do not use around eye area” I was like great! Im actually dabbing my lids with a moisturizer made of honey at night before I sleep. Helps with the dry skin…and I think the mild tornado style weather just came in……

New Obsession.

I hadn’t used the Ouai conditioner for a while and yesterday I decided to get it off the shelf and use it and I was so happy I did. My hair is so smooth. Im using the pink version, the repair conditioner. It smells so heavenly. I washed my hair last night but my hair looks even better today. You know a hair product is wonderful when you don’t even have to put on something to stop frizz on the tips and you have wavy hair.  I had been using the red oribe line for beautiful color for years and it got so expensive. My hair looked and smelled great but they raise their prices all the time and I had to tell myself I need something a little cheaper but just as great. Look no further than ouai now I really want the hair oil and the mousse.

I also got another chance to try the Becca backlight primer and honestly the longer I left it on by itself I had a nice glow going but underneath makeup not sure if it would show up as much. Definitely a nice product if you’re skin is clear. I have imperfections I want to hide and it doesn’t quite suit me. No bad reactions to the product so I can tell you its probably not bad for sensitive skin. Now that Im talking about Becca I figured why not bring out what Im doing right now. I dug out my rose gold shimmering skin perfector the other day and I thought about how I would use it. Then it hit me that everyone uses it to finish their look or as highlighters. I use it as the last product to finish off my look. I’ll start off with the too faced hangover primer, a light coverage bb cream, then I conceal the darkness under my eyes and I use my fingers to dab the becca rose gold shimmering skin perfector in a patting motion all over. It works like magic! The dewy glow looks so effortless and this look may become my new go-to. I’ve tried the lighter shades but I think rose gold is by far my favorite!

Becca Backlight and Other Things.

I tried the becca backlight primer today. Here are my thoughts/opinion(s)

-the texture is very creamy,easy to blend onto skin

-the scent is rather strong

-the color is a pearly pink champagne-ish

-I wasn’t sure if the product showed up on my skin much/maybe that’s how its supposed to look more natural?

-makeup application was smooth after this primer

So Im still on the fence on the primer but I am willing to use this primer one more time to debate if I’m not using it right. Maybe I should wear it by itself….hmm?

On another note Im cleaning my whole sink area/bathroom because Im having guests on Thursday. Im really enjoying the new sanitizers I got because they smell incredible. I joked to people that I was set for another year or two with my stash of antibacterial products. I was very intrigued by a lot of the stuff makeup artists carry and I bought some things that I saw on their tables. This summer Im just going to lay low and buy everything local. I just feel like Im a sucker for new lineups and they all seem to come out in the middle of summer and I order them to find them all melty and its just so sad/tragic so to this year. Too bad some stores don’t carry the hourglass line….and last but not least, WHO SAW THE NEW YSL MASCARA VINYL COUTURE?WHAAAT I WANT ALL OF THE SHADES.