Planning Ahead…

I realized I had gone without coffee for almost 2 days and when I finally had the coffee I could finally think straight. As I was saying earlier the week was long. I do this new thing where if I have nothing nice to say about someone, or something I just don’t talk about it and I try to move on. Emphasis on try. After I got the 2 cups of medium roast coffee, I started thinking about what fun was waiting for me on my trip! I thought about the only sold in Japan items on the coffee shop menus(Tully’s, Starbucks, Doutors)wait a minute do they even have Doutors here? Lets just say Doutor’s is lovely. They carry a couple desserts and their coffee is quite delicious. I usually get a non sugary coffee drink with a slice of whatever I like they offer for the day. I can’t wait to do that again!  Thinking about the trip just got me all giddy inside. I also jotted down which stores I wanted to check out possibly MUJI because my cousin and I’ve always loved their products and we don’t have one by my area and maybe I’ll check out the Ikea in Japan. My friends and I plan to hang out on or two of the days while Im  there but I plan mostly to stay with family. Im packing bare minimum and I’m raiding family beauty shelves. I know Im going to find some cool K beauty stuff in their beauty shelves/cabinets.

Im almost tempted to buy a pair of cool sneakers while Im there. I always loved going to cool shoe stores in Japan. They carry the best selections…dreamy…..



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