Long Weekend.

The weekend ended up being horrible. I was originally looking forward to some things but there were some good things about it. I got my Too Faced Better Than..mascara and I get to try the new bare minerals cleansing oil I got. I’ve been using mostly cleansing water to take off my makeup but I also throw in a following morning double cleanse routine. Now that my cleansing waters are just about empty, Im thinking about getting a new one. Possibly the green Clarins one or the Koh Gen Do one. Still need to get a primer too. Thinking about wandering in to a sephora.

I got some random update that I had a free drink waiting so I went and got one of those. It was just an awful weekend. I didn’t know whether I should cry or laugh so I thought I could really use this free drink, finally got my too faced mascara and put my music on blast while I sang along. Today I finally feel somewhat better. I decided to look on the brighter side, I’ve got mini cookies and starbucks k-cups. Tomorrow I’ll try using the Laura Mercier primer samples I got. Who knows could be phenomenal. I’ve read great things about her primers. I can’t remember if I ever owned a tube.


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