Hoping for Rain!

With all this heat, pollen and bugs everywhere it makes going places less pleasant but there are other ways to enjoy staying indoors. Today I had fresh strawberries and dipped them in one nutella. The fruits are so delicious this spring! Im trying to add vitamin c into my diet by actually eating or drinking them. It gives me that burst of energy I need to work out. Woke up this morning feeling so refreshed, thank you lemons!

Hopefully the weatherman is right and we get some rain tomorrow. I really want to go get some too faced mascaras. Yes, after reading an article about a beauty editor hoarding the mini sizes I may just buy a couple of the travel size if not at least a stick of the full size. I also found the cool sunblock I’ve been trying to get for years may be sold at the local spa! Who would’ve thought but you never know until you get there. Sometimes they show a brand and you get there and you’re like wait a minute…the brand or product are no where to be found. Does anyone know about iS products by any chance? Dermalogica precleanse?




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