Skin Issues Just About Resolved.

I’ve spent about a week or so changing my skincare products and I quit breaking out. I was so pleased I thought I’d share what I did.

I double cleanse now all the time. I start my night routine with a really wet cleansing cloth(some are dry and you really have to find one you prefer)then I use one of the two cleansing waters I own and immediately follow it with a night serum or night cream. I’ve been real careful and I take off my makeup before I workout too. Its helped a lot. I read you should let your skin breathe while you sweat so I started doing that. I quit exfoliating once a week and now I do it once every two weeks.

Makeup application has become less of a hassle for me but the added bonus is definitely Charlotte Tilbury’s light wonder. Its so smooth. Right now its so hot here. The heat just came all at once. Something lightweight with sun protection is fantastic. I love how easy I can take the product off too.


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