Charlotte Tilbury!

I have tried two products from Charlotte Tilbury, the magic foundation and the k.i.s.s.i.n.g. lipstick in b—- perfect. Here are my thoughts on the lipstick. The packaging is elegant a gold with the signature CT on top the inside has her name in it where you twist it. The color is a dusty pink and to my surprise no pearl. I was actually hoping for a more light pearl effect so that was a bummer I swore I saw pearls but no shimmer. The lipstick is a bit on the dry side so I definitely recommend a creamy lip product over or underneath the lipstick for it to go on smooth. Overall, I’d give the lipstick 8 out of 10. The color is very nice looking on pale skin like mine.

Now onto the magic foundation! The bottle is very pretty. The rose gold accent on the lid is so pretty. You can unscrew the lid so that’s already a bonus because you can get the item to the last drop. I ended up buying a shade too light even for me so I blend it with a darker tinted moisturizer for the time being. This foundation is a bit dryer HOWEVER on my bad skin days it helped cover the bad areas quite well. There is spf in there. If not wrong on this one its spf 15. When I wear the foundation I get compliments so maybe that’s a sign its good.


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