Just When You Thought You Were Done…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I put something away something will happen. A good example is, I went to grab a lot of my cold weather clothes, folded them nicely went through hell to put them away and the weather does a 180 on me. We’re supposed to be in the 40s and 50s . Im not complaining because I love this weather. It just sucks that I have to go pull out some of those hoodies and cardigans. Im really loving this rain and the bug free days.

Its been colder so the too faced coconut primer has really helped keep my skin hydrated. I’ll wash my face, put on some moisturizer and the coconut primer and I could almost go out spf free but I have heard of the new no sun but bad for your skin articles. I’ve read enough articles to “try” to wear at least spf 8-10 on rainy days. So I’ll dab about 3 pumps(yes its a lot)of the coconut primer and something lightweight but pretty as you probably already know I’m really digging the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder but I also started using the Koh Gen Do foundation + Mercier tinted moisturizer. I finish my look with some bronzer and then mist my face with some mist. Once my powder bronzers run out Im going to get myself the new Hourglass illume trio palette. Its so pretty. Anyone own one yet?

Last but not least I’ve got myself a new primer and starbucks happy hour is here. No complaints! Time to go grab my hoodie and uggs. Yes, I wear uggs in the rain.


Planning Ahead…

I realized I had gone without coffee for almost 2 days and when I finally had the coffee I could finally think straight. As I was saying earlier the week was long. I do this new thing where if I have nothing nice to say about someone, or something I just don’t talk about it and I try to move on. Emphasis on try. After I got the 2 cups of medium roast coffee, I started thinking about what fun was waiting for me on my trip! I thought about the only sold in Japan items on the coffee shop menus(Tully’s, Starbucks, Doutors)wait a minute do they even have Doutors here? Lets just say Doutor’s is lovely. They carry a couple desserts and their coffee is quite delicious. I usually get a non sugary coffee drink with a slice of whatever I like they offer for the day. I can’t wait to do that again!  Thinking about the trip just got me all giddy inside. I also jotted down which stores I wanted to check out possibly MUJI because my cousin and I’ve always loved their products and we don’t have one by my area and maybe I’ll check out the Ikea in Japan. My friends and I plan to hang out on or two of the days while Im  there but I plan mostly to stay with family. Im packing bare minimum and I’m raiding family beauty shelves. I know Im going to find some cool K beauty stuff in their beauty shelves/cabinets.

Im almost tempted to buy a pair of cool sneakers while Im there. I always loved going to cool shoe stores in Japan. They carry the best selections…dreamy…..


Long Weekend.

The weekend ended up being horrible. I was originally looking forward to some things but there were some good things about it. I got my Too Faced Better Than..mascara and I get to try the new bare minerals cleansing oil I got. I’ve been using mostly cleansing water to take off my makeup but I also throw in a following morning double cleanse routine. Now that my cleansing waters are just about empty, Im thinking about getting a new one. Possibly the green Clarins one or the Koh Gen Do one. Still need to get a primer too. Thinking about wandering in to a sephora.

I got some random update that I had a free drink waiting so I went and got one of those. It was just an awful weekend. I didn’t know whether I should cry or laugh so I thought I could really use this free drink, finally got my too faced mascara and put my music on blast while I sang along. Today I finally feel somewhat better. I decided to look on the brighter side, I’ve got mini cookies and starbucks k-cups. Tomorrow I’ll try using the Laura Mercier primer samples I got. Who knows could be phenomenal. I’ve read great things about her primers. I can’t remember if I ever owned a tube.

Hoping for Rain!

With all this heat, pollen and bugs everywhere it makes going places less pleasant but there are other ways to enjoy staying indoors. Today I had fresh strawberries and dipped them in one nutella. The fruits are so delicious this spring! Im trying to add vitamin c into my diet by actually eating or drinking them. It gives me that burst of energy I need to work out. Woke up this morning feeling so refreshed, thank you lemons!

Hopefully the weatherman is right and we get some rain tomorrow. I really want to go get some too faced mascaras. Yes, after reading an article about a beauty editor hoarding the mini sizes I may just buy a couple of the travel size if not at least a stick of the full size. I also found the cool sunblock I’ve been trying to get for years may be sold at the local spa! Who would’ve thought but you never know until you get there. Sometimes they show a brand and you get there and you’re like wait a minute…the brand or product are no where to be found. Does anyone know about iS products by any chance? Dermalogica precleanse?



Skin Issues Just About Resolved.

I’ve spent about a week or so changing my skincare products and I quit breaking out. I was so pleased I thought I’d share what I did.

I double cleanse now all the time. I start my night routine with a really wet cleansing cloth(some are dry and you really have to find one you prefer)then I use one of the two cleansing waters I own and immediately follow it with a night serum or night cream. I’ve been real careful and I take off my makeup before I workout too. Its helped a lot. I read you should let your skin breathe while you sweat so I started doing that. I quit exfoliating once a week and now I do it once every two weeks.

Makeup application has become less of a hassle for me but the added bonus is definitely Charlotte Tilbury’s light wonder. Its so smooth. Right now its so hot here. The heat just came all at once. Something lightweight with sun protection is fantastic. I love how easy I can take the product off too.

The Two Products I Will Carry Everywhere.

Long story short, today I finally tried the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder. The product was so good. Its light but covers enough to not look like you’re wearing a ton of makeup. The product is so natural and effortlessly beautiful I don’t know why I waited THIS long to try it.

My other new favorite is the w3ll people bio brightener. I had already owned the product for some time but I read about how others were using it and went with that. I dabbed some underneath my eyes after I put on some concealer and then I put some on the bridge of my nose lightly blend it. So happy with both the products. They compliment each other like no other.

Products I Tried This Week.

Clarins lip oil-I own this in shade 01 honey. The scent is like a mixture of honey, vanilla and maybe jojoba. I’ve been using lip oils for a couple months now but I really dig this clarins one because its the only one I own thats not pink and it keeps my lips hydrated all night I dab some on before I go to bed.

Kate Somerville exfoliKate cleanser-smells light and clean very smooth texture. I just follow the instructions and no tight feeling after washing it off I think my skin looks very nice the next day so I recommend for the sensitive skin people. Im still curious about the goat milk cleanser….

Kate Somerville nourish daily moisturizer-I really love KS products but this one was not one of my favorites. Considering how much people rave over this I was expecting just a little more. No bad effects but no improvements….

Kate Somerville eradiKate-These are great. I had thought about buying this product for years but I finally caved and I love to dab the pre sealed q-tip style. You dab it on the bad areas. I save it for the bad acne spots. I put it all around the horrible zit and it dries nice. I really want to avoid picking at my face. It helps. Acne is less visible and drying…Im pretty happy about it.

Strong Coffee, Sea Salt Spray and then some.

Woke up this morning to find out that Kumamoto had a huge earthquake. I have a couple friends who reside very close to the area. I’ve always wanted to go there. Heard so many great things about the place. Kumamoto is known for great food, nature and kind people.

The past few days have been super busy. Packing and unpacking, repeat. Aside from that asking around as to what my friends want for souvenirs and reading a bunch of articles online. I am a sucker for real life stories and reading about whats in and out in terms of fashion. Not that someone telling me something isn’t in anymore would stop me from rocking it like a bad—!

At one point I got real interested in the Ivy Park stuff but I have no business buying cool workout clothes. I have to force myself to get on the machines lol. I really LOVE the simple logo idea though very elegant, Bey! The promoting video is very tempting! If I were to purchase something from the line, definitely the cool gray hoodie.

By the way, Love + Salt is an amazing hair styling product. The spray is made of natural ingredients that include coconut, and himalayan pink salt and it gives me the best waves while making me smell like a tropical goddess. Love! Now back to drinking this coffee and debate which new product to test!

Charlotte Tilbury!

I have tried two products from Charlotte Tilbury, the magic foundation and the k.i.s.s.i.n.g. lipstick in b—- perfect. Here are my thoughts on the lipstick. The packaging is elegant a gold with the signature CT on top the inside has her name in it where you twist it. The color is a dusty pink and to my surprise no pearl. I was actually hoping for a more light pearl effect so that was a bummer I swore I saw pearls but no shimmer. The lipstick is a bit on the dry side so I definitely recommend a creamy lip product over or underneath the lipstick for it to go on smooth. Overall, I’d give the lipstick 8 out of 10. The color is very nice looking on pale skin like mine.

Now onto the magic foundation! The bottle is very pretty. The rose gold accent on the lid is so pretty. You can unscrew the lid so that’s already a bonus because you can get the item to the last drop. I ended up buying a shade too light even for me so I blend it with a darker tinted moisturizer for the time being. This foundation is a bit dryer HOWEVER on my bad skin days it helped cover the bad areas quite well. There is spf in there. If not wrong on this one its spf 15. When I wear the foundation I get compliments so maybe that’s a sign its good.

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner

This week I started using two new products. They’ve been around but I just started using them. One of ’em is the Anastasia clear brow gel and the other being the aerie rose lip conditioner. So far they’re both really nice. The lip conditioner is a rich creamy product that smells very similar to the by terry lip product a more wild rose scent so if you’re not into the stronger rose scents maybe not for you but I LOVE it. The anastasia clear brow gel is great. I don’t have to worry the color will rub off on my pillow if I forget to take it off at night! Im aiming for the Ali Michael brows. She has amazing brows.