My Cheat and Eat Friday.

I am finally getting my act together to eat better. I’ve been eating a Chinese and Japanese diet most days. I throw in roasted nuts and try my best to avoid dairy and sugar. So today being my cheat day, I am having a  caramel stroopwafel with my hot black tea!

Had a couple mishaps today so I thought I’d be sad but it was an eventful day and I didn’t even start my day reading things or checking my Facebook. First things first, as I waited for the stroopwafel to get moist over my cup when i got back from doing the laundry and garbage I find my wafel missing…and of course it melted INTO my drink. Luckily I have mad chopstick skills. Then I decided to paint my nails and dropped the bottle while the lid was still open and it went everywhere and thank god for big gauze type cotton pads because it picked up everything I spilled. What a day…



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