Long Overdue…

Looks like I’ll be heading home for a little bit(Japan)and I am excited! Its been long overdue. Thinking about what Im going to do when I get back. What will will I take with me, what shall I do. Two things I want to get my hands on are the mont blanc chestnut desserts and the biwa jelly, of course.

This week I’m going out to see if I can really find the herban essentials in stock at the local Target store. I have a bag and I absolutely love them but I want to try another scent. Also wondering if the one store really will carry the jao brand item I want. Too bad no one wants to invest in the Dr Bronner lavender hand sanitizer because I want a bottle. I just love their castile soap.

New Products I’ve Tried(and absolutely love)


Fresh rose hydrating gel cream-the product has a light gel consistency and it works very well on my currently flared up dry, sensitive skin. The scent is a rose mixed with cucumber. Sinks in fairly quick.

Benefit roller lash-great brush on this mascara. Im real picky about mascara and I’d put it down under my list of favorites along with the too faced better than..,YSL, and the Dior addict one!

Burberry fresh glow luminous fluid base no.1- Perfect for the bad skin days. Used it two days straight to have a smoother effect for my makeup. No wonder beauty editors rave about it!

Sacha Juan Hair Repair

I finally tried the Sacha Juan hair repair. Here’s what I thought: my hair was smooth, tamed the frizz and all I needed after that was a couple drops of hair oil and a styling/finishing cream! Today is the day after I washed it and it looks even better!

The large jar for under 35 bucks is definitely worth it for me. Im very picky. I had been using a 58 dollar one and a 59 dollar one so 60 bucks roughly and they worked great but that’s almost double. I feel like the scent of the hair repair works for both men and women.

March Empties!

Here is my list of empties:

Julep cleansing oil

Fresh rose face mask

MAC eye makeup remover

Kerastase Cristalliste hair oil

All products I recommend. Im one of those people that never finish products unless I love them! Too bad you really can’t find the julep cleansing oil in the large size that easily. It smells like citrus and is very easy to wash off. Im currently on the hunt for a new cleansing oil under 30bucks. Im leaning towards the bare minerals one after all the great reviews I’ve read. Has anyone tried it/ currently own it??

My Cheat and Eat Friday.

I am finally getting my act together to eat better. I’ve been eating a Chinese and Japanese diet most days. I throw in roasted nuts and try my best to avoid dairy and sugar. So today being my cheat day, I am having a ┬ácaramel stroopwafel with my hot black tea!

Had a couple mishaps today so I thought I’d be sad but it was an eventful day and I didn’t even start my day reading things or checking my Facebook. First things first, as I waited for the stroopwafel to get moist over my cup when i got back from doing the laundry and garbage I find my wafel missing…and of course it melted INTO my drink. Luckily I have mad chopstick skills. Then I decided to paint my nails and dropped the bottle while the lid was still open and it went everywhere and thank god for big gauze type cotton pads because it picked up everything I spilled. What a day…



Makeup for the Sensitive Skin.

I have been really enjoying the Koh Gen Do moisture foundation. I bought it after reading about the product for some time and being on the paler side, I realized if it works for Liv Tyler it may work for me. Not only is it great for my sensitive, dry skin I get so many compliments. I like to blend my KGD foundation with something shimmery and darker. I like to use the tinted moisturizer from laura mercier because its smooth and easy to blend.

Another great skin covering but not cakey product for sensitive skin: md solar sciences tinted creme. The orange with pink lid. I find myself using the KGD with LM tinted moisturizer or just dabbing 2 dime sizes of the md solar sciences then dabbing on some concealer (I also love the bare minerals concealer because it has spf in it!)then dabbing a tiny drop of chantecaille cheek gelee! That’s my quick but non cakey non irritating look.

I really recommend those items. On bad skin days, you might want to dab some Too Faced hangover primer!

Primers and Concealers.

As I age, Im now in my early thirties I try to figure a way to make my skin look less dull. After many years of avoiding primers, I now use one! My go to has become the Too Faced Hangover primer. Its made with coconuts and probiotics(which I believe is similar to yogurt? could be wrong but…)So I dab about 2-3 drops of the coconut primer, then use a sheer to medium coverage spf product that’s got a hint of tint and then I dab on some good concealer. I’ve found a couple wonderful choices: clarins, RMS, and dior star are my favorite! Im really digging the dewy look. I don’t want to look caked up. ┬áNext post will be about favorite makeup for sensitive skin!