August’s Almost Over?

This month has been pretty good to me. Renovations were smooth and the upgrades are fabulous. The guy I find ridiculously cool waved at me and said Hi to me with a big smile. I was like wait what and walked back to wave. I’m trying to test all the local area cold brew coffees and so far I’m really digging the one at Dunkin. I discovered the Stouffer’s brand Swedish meatball and found myself a real cool dish I can eat on my lazy days.

I bought the most amazing linen top and I finally watched the first 2 seasons of breaking bad. I always had a crush on Aaron Paul.

Drugstore Find: L’oreal Blend Artist Concealer Blender

My local Walmart was doing markdowns and after months of debating whether to get L’oreal makeup sponges, I was able to purchase 2 styles. My favorite being the concealer blender.  It comes in a charming turquoise blue color, is smaller than the average makeup sponge but also larger than the beautyblender brand mini pro sponges.

The instructions said I didn’t have to wet the sponge so I tapped on my favorite tarte brand shape tape concealer and it worked great. I own the beauty blender minis but I find they are too small and my fingers are too stubby for them to work right so I prefer the L’oreal brand concealer blender.

Review: bareMinerals prime time bb cream spf 30 tinted

I don’t think I wrote a review for the product so I thought why not do it now. As you know by now, my skin is very sensitive and its dry. I’ve had great luck with some products others not so much. I have pretty good luck with bareMineral products with an exception to that popular goldish bottle tube tinted moisturizer looking one. Lucky for me it was a sample so I never thought about it again. Then one day I thought about what I’d do with the leftover foundations I’ve previously bought that are 1,2 shades too light(yes I’ve bought a couple embarrassing to admit). I needed something with sunscreen in it and something darker so I bought the bareminerals primetime primer cream the tinted version. I bought medium which was darker than I thought but once blended with the lighter foundation it was perfect.

It is thicker than most of the primers I know but very velvety in texture. The active ingredients are 2.6% titanium dioxide and 6.2% zinc oxide. Its a rather small bottle so it doesn’t even seem like its 1oz but it is and its perfect to mix with foundation they also carry a nontint and light shade. Doesn’t irritate my sensitive dry skin but everyone is different but I can tell you my skin will freak out at random ingredients in sunscreen maybe its a certain sunscreen and eye shadow. I had to quit using certain brand sunscreen (3 brands to be exact)and one famous cosmetic brands eye shadow after repeated red dry skin formed and i’d get teary eyed and itch my eyelids forever.

Review: Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray

After complaining about dry hair for so long I figured there had to be something out there for me. What I was looking for was something quick, lightweight but something that makes my hair look healthy and shiny.

Here’s what I can tell you about the product it tames frizz, its lightweight, the scent is a floral and a hint of tropical like scent, you can spray a small amount and get instant smoothness once its combed in. It can be used daily has UV protection and is $34 for 3.2 oz. Kinda pricey but I can assure you a little bit will go a long way. So far I love it and don’t know how I lived without it!


Its Wednesday but it feels like a Friday. My week started with a creeper ringing my doorbell at the wee hours of morning, then waiting for the call to get our house fixed up here and there and it is officially done! The man who came was a very nice man the reason I know is that my normally growl-at-strangers puppy was like “ooh I like him” no growl, not one bark just tail wagging. My mom goes “look at that she just loves him I knew he was a good guy.”

I know I’m in my 30s because I just love watching the diy shows. I get hooked on those tiny house shows where the houses are smaller but really nice. I ended up watching a marathon on one occasion and I was like a-mazing. I want one of those new thing porcelain sinks they have at modern homes in the smaller bathrooms you know? Its just so simple and elegant but my dad was like we’d have to change the pipings and blahblah so I was like nvm but oh man if I ever get rich..I’d get a small house maybe even smaller than the one I currently live in and add French doors and that sink somewhere and paint the rooms sage and ivory. housegoals!

I’m very nervous about September because that’s when I have to give up my favorite drinks and foods. I look forward to picking up a new hobby to keep my mind off the “good stuff” like the lattes and desserts. What to do what to do.

Question for the day: Anyone here tried the PTR Pumpkin Mask?

Something that’s been on my mind forever? The PTR pumpkin mask. The one in the jar. I’ve tried a couple masks but I’ve read some of the best reviews about that pumpkin one. One thing I’ve noticed about pumpkin products is that it improves my skin darkening!

If anyone here that comes across this wants to let me know please comment! I’d appreciate any input on the product!

I really love the Bumble and bumble curl care products.

Up until recently, I was using R+co(which I ran out of and the travel size I’m keeping for travel)and Oribe for cleansing crème. I seriously loved my Oribe cleansing crème. The pricepoint was so high I was quite hesitant to purchase it but I loved just about every item I purchased from his line so I was like I want something that’s not drying on my scalp and also conditioning for my wavy hair. The lime green bottle is such a beauty too. Its like no other packaging so its beautiful on my shower shelf. I must’ve used the product for a good 4-6months because I used it once or so during the week. The great thing about the Oribe one was I never needed that extra conditioner it was so moisturizing but nonheavy.

Then I was reminded that Oribe is not sold in our area, shipping it is terrible in hot weather and that a very nice Spa in my area sold the Bumble and bumble products. I saved a little bit of the curl care conditioner and cowash cream in a small container and bought the full sized sulfate free curl shampoo and it is so good. It smells so clean its thicker than regular shampoo it seems harder to wash out but the after results of the shampoo and the conditioner is so good. Second day hair never looked so good. I had to debate whether not to wash my hair on night 2 because my hair was so smooth it was like I had something freshly styled at a salon. I paid about 10bucks less for the shampoo itself but with the conditioner its probably 20 bucks more but I don’t care. I’m sold! I’ll keep buying the curl care items until they discontinue them(which I hope is never)

Car Crush: the Jeep Renegade in White.

So there is this very cool girl who lives in my neighborhood and she owns a white Jeep. Everything about her is just cool. She has convinced me that if I get a riding lawn mower I will also do lawn work. Real nice in person too. Apparently the lady we already knew and her are in some weird cat fight and I’m like if these two cant be friends…who can?

My friend from work was expressing her love for this Jeep she was eyeing for some time and she finally bought it one day. She was like you and I need to do this and shows me a video of someone circling mud and I was like “with your driving?no thank you” lol

So she bought it and I was like wow I do like it. She bought this dark blue 2003 one. not a grand Cherokee style one but those smaller simple ones. I was pretty impressed and instantly realized why she bought it. Then 2,3 days ago I’m on the road with someone and a white Jeep Renegade drove away and I was like “that is my dream car” I imagined myself with the windows down wind in my hair while I listened to some good music. Dreamy!

Good Daily Staples Under $12

I ended up throwing out all my natural deodorant. It was doing nothing for me so I ended up purchasing the spray type Dove deodorant in that cucumber scent. I gotta say I love it and I paid about 6bucks or less. The spray is quick I need just a little bit and it doesn’t stain my clothes. I will definitely buy another scent in the future.

Another item I purchased was the Revlon photoready insta-fix highlighting stick in gold light. Not only is it a dupe to the RMS master mixer both are universally flattering gold creamy consistency its a quick fix over concealer, a bb cream. I must’ve put one swipe on over my concealer and people around me were like “new makeup” I was like its the Revlon highlighting stick. Lucky for me I just threw out my favorite RMS master mixer. I took that thing with me on travel I loved the gold color so much. I wished the RMS products were a tad cheaper though. I paid about 10-11 bucks for the highlighting stick from Revlon. The RMS one is probably about 30-40bucks. Its worth a try and I preferred it over the lighter one which is really almost a dupe to the Nars Copacabana and its called pink light I think…

Dunkin Donuts Iced Latte? Yes Please.

Just got back from Dunkin Donuts(or should I already go with their new name Dunkin)and what really had me dropping by was the repeated news reports and this lady sipping on what looked like heaven. Here I am just one month away from giving up drinks of any color so I figured why not. I can’t have sugary drinks either so hey why not.

I got a nice large iced latte and you can choose all types of flavors. They are now selling cold brew and you can choose to put cream in it too. I’m heading back for sure.