aaaaand the deodorant broke me out in hives!! so sad!!

Long story short a couple days ago…so this would be days into using the new deodorant which I love and actually works….I broke out in hives. the culprit was unknown for a while the only new addition the deodorant but ofcourse it works sooo well it smells so great its organic…so…im back to meow meow tweet…and because I love A.N. I might get their “sensitive” anyway im recovering from the worst skin reaction/blisters around my armpits and all over my arms…covering all the way down to my elbow….nothing worked…to cure it but eating yogurt and using oatmeal products along with honey+paw paw creams help a ton. I’ve also been slatering my arm with blue cocoon that helped.

The worst skin reaction since the buffet I attended many years ago….the ingredients to something I ordered made me break out in hives from head to toe


Review: Dr. PawPaw Scrub & Nourish

Long story short, out of chance I stopped by an Ulta…came across this tiny gem. I’m all for lip scrub because I love smooth lips and when my lip products glide on nice. Here are my thoughts:

  • the lip scrub is really gritty I feel it working
  • the scent of the lip scrub is so good its either mango or pineapple
  • there’s good amount of both product for the $10 pricepoint
  • the balm which I did not like originally(I used to own it)works great after the scrub and really this whole top and bottom pot idea is fantastic.
  • made in Britain (in case that’s something you wanted to know)
  • would I buy it again? YUP.

Update on Skincare/What I Use.

I try to always keep people up to date esp. since that nightmare skin problem I had…

For cleansers I use 4 various ones…

The teatreement cleanser from Dr. Jart is my oily skin, breakout cleanser. Its a thick gel type and it washes away my morning oil and makes me feel clean and smells…like…teatree. Other days I use the Glossier. milky jelly cleanser I’m going to sound snobby but I use 3 pumps…but because I used different ones I have managed to sill have 3/4 of it left, when I just want to feel squeaky clean and maybe use a exfoliator later its the Drunk Elephant beste no.9 cleanser and last but not least the “I just want to smell good and not be rough” cleanser which is the Jurlique foaming cleanser in the tube with rose in it.

For exfoliators: I use 3 types…one thing I learned is too which willowbark? is not good combining it many times=no Bueno as my friends call it. Not a good idea. You end up so dry and if you’re already dry I can’t recommend it. If you’re dry or dry/combo use maybe ONE willowbark item whether its a cleanser, a toner or the amazing Burt’s bees which is what I use…other days I will use the peeling gel tube from Peter Thomas Roth which isn’t as abrasive as the pumpkin enzyme one if you want something more gentle but with just as good ingredients. Ofcourse I love both of the exfoliators form PTR and like to use the pumpkin enzyme mask once a week. Everything about the pumpkin mask is excellent the scent, the ingredients, the amount for the price.

For my toner I use: DHC mild lotion followed with blue cocoon(if its night) in the daytime I absolutely LOVE Pai skincare’s rosehip + chamomile day cream I was trying to get their rosehip oil once it came back in stock and lost my opportunity its gone now…so I bought a tube of this luminizing moisturizer which I look forward to review. Its supposedly a day and night cream so can’t be that. I bought after reading such positive reviews. For a second, I actually forgot about the existence of the PTR Hungarian Thermal Water moisturizer which I now want so bad…for this upcoming cooler season.

The other stuff: makeup removing I use cleansing balms now no oils…I am more than 1/2 way through the Then I Met You cleansing balm (which is a dream) it is so luxurious smells great the jar is beautiful there’s sea buckthorn in it which is great for my skin and most skin types I think. I don’t have to use as much to take off my sunscreen with their cleansing balm its so good-I can’t make one complaint. I will definitely repurchase in the cooler season if I don’t forget…YOU SHOULD TOO. There is a reason that cleansing balm won the Allure 2019 award! Once I run out of this I already have my 2 oz..I think jar of the Farmacy green clean cleansing balm which I love because its gentle, and smells like citrus. I even bought my friend one and she raved. Unfortunately I bought it believing it was $10 because someone shoved it in the wrong spot…do I regret purchasing it though nope! My sample from Sephora was gone quick which means I NEED atleast a 2 oz if I want to take off sunscreen a handful of times or more. Last but not least lip product…I’m still loving the mint balm dotcom it smells great, feels great lasts long I also still use the birchbox arrow brand lip oil? it smells minty and its nice there’s no tint so it works under my lip gloss or the creamy Chanel lipstick I love.

I’m currently using a new mineral powder foundation which I look forward to reviewing along with a couple of the items I mentioned or didn’t mention yet…stay tuned! As always, thank you for reading. Be safe!

Every Store Has Its Perks…

For example, Dermstore will give you hair categories…mine is dry, damaged…if there was a category of sad, beyond repair that would also be it…I used to love Alterna moisture shampoo+conditioner and I must’ve used it consistently for 1-2 years I even used their masque and their color line but my hair is just so dry…I need something more rich in texture and so far r+co television perfect is good and so was the Oribe gold lust line and ofcourse when those showed up on the categories I knew for sure it was legit. The website understood me. At dermstore, they give you points for purchases, points for reviews and free shipping or discount code on an item you sampled through their subscription box. Right now with the COVID situation, they don’t do quick shipping but the items come fairly quick in my case I get my shipments within 3-5 days which is pretty awesome considering my shipping is always free.

I was in this cool Japanese store and I explained to them I had seen their products at beautyhabit I know…so cool right? The store pulls out a list of who they do business to in the US and go “beautyhabit except it was like beautyhabitto!” super cute the owner had the most incredible skin I had seen in some time. I bought the products there on the spot and she gave me soaps as a gift. So I get back and tell beautyhabit and they in turn give me another soap of theirs I hadn’t tried….beautyhabit has been so generous I keep going back. At beautyhabit, they have this sitewide purchase=this gift (a gift with purchase)which makes the checkout even more exciting. I recommend you visit sometime you will find some extremely cool items that wont disappoint and you can always ask if there is a possibility to sample a product. Win-win.

I went to the ULTA store and finally got my Mario Badescu items. I can’t express how excited I was to find the huge bottle of rosewater mist and the travel size cleanser. The cleanser will come in handy when I get a tolerance to any of the items I’m using. The enzyme cleansing gel reminds me of the Somerville foaming cleanser but to me it smells much better. If anyone is thinking about getting a routine I always tell them the MB skincare line has all kinds of great stuff…there will always be something that works for your skin type. ULTA makes me happy by carrying MB products. I brought up the Alterna caviar line because I was able to grab the last tube of their air dry balm the purple one. I’m stoked! Review on that soon!!



Empties: June 2020

  • Glossier. cotton rounds
  • Bioderma Sensibio H20 500ml
  • Paul & Joe facial cotton
  • skinceuticals physical fusion UV defense sunscreen spf 50(tinted).13oz
  • DHC mild lotion 1 oz
  • Jao brand goe oil

sampled: Yonka Paris crème 28, R+Co Dallas Biotin thickening shampoo+conditioner, Ole Henriksen banana bright vitamin c serum, Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian thermal water mineral-rich moisturizer, Proraso shaving cream, Dr. Hauschka rose day cream, Caudalie makeup removing cleansing oil, Alterna caviar anti-aging replenishing moisture shampoo+conditioner


Looking Back on Hair Damage/Products.

I don’t know if I talked about this but thinking about beautyhabit brought me back to the time I was introduced to them. I had been consistently dying/coloring my hair for 10 years in red. I loved dying my hair red it was like a light brown~red depending on which box color I purchased yes, I did the hair color at home. For a while I was using drugstore haircare but my hair became so sensitized? damaged…now its like bad in a different way but it was the color damage and it needed special help so I discovered Rahua and sampled it through beautyhabit and I purchased the Christophe Robin lemon cleansing..or is it shampoo. It is such a unique cleansing product that does not strip of color is pH balanced if I’m right and smells so clean-literally citrus. I went through the product so quick but it was worth every penny.

Today I was reading the instructions of the C. Robin detangling gelee and unfortunately I have not purchased the scalp scrub(which smells like an elegant boutique btw) and its a follow up product you put in and RINSE OUT shocked me I figured it was a leave in…I’ve always loved Christophe Robin but I only found out about them through reading intothegloss…god I love intothegloss. I’m heading there now to get my fix. Big fan of the new writers/editors!



Best Places to Shop Online.

As you probably know by now my favorite store for the past few years was ALWAYS Nordstrom…or Sephora….but here is my revised top 5 in order:

  1. beautyhabit
  2. dermstore
  3. Birchbox
  4. sephora
  5. b-glowing

Birchbox has stepped up their game in so many ways…whether its the quick shipping the sampler sets/kits they sell wehre you get more bang for the buck, the quick customer service but…the hard to find amazing products and lineups at beautyhabit being the best. I joke they sell everything. I can’t bring myself to pay for Koh Gen Do stuff being that i was just in Japan and know their prices but they are the ones that give me one of a kinda samples like Verso, r+co, jurlique…to name a few. I quit my birchbox subscription a couple years back but i did like it today I LOVE it they do more unique deals they have their housebrand arrow which makes really good items. im supposed to be seeing my cream from the brand soon. b-glowing introduced me to the PTR Hungarian thermal water? moisturizer and I can’t say enough good things about the cream and ofcourse it is sold out! I dont see why it wouldn’t for the size, the quality…im eyeing the jar right now. its between that and the Pai skincare oil…..unless i get that one rosehip oil or Vintner’s…the debate continues I am currenly using Pai chamomile+roship day cream and at night I use whatever i have left rolling around…and the blue cocoon which is really good after exfoliating(great advice, GP the woman is a genius)




My Apologies On Not Keeping My Word.

I fell off the no-purchases during summer thing. There are way too many good items. I tell people now that we need to realize that things sit in a warehouse most of the time and that is why I prefer organic products but…I look forward to sharing reviews on more products which is the sole purpose of my blog..atleast the MAIN purpose. its almost July!

You Complete Me: Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose holi(Rose) N.4 Deodorant

Ever since I moved here…I’ve had problems sweating profusely due to the heat and I preferred Dove over any deodorant and I must’ve used them for oh…what 4,5 years and it no longer worked so I switched to other ones from other brands but they still fell short (I’ve never had that problem until now)so I finally said “I’ve always heard honey is a great ingredient for skin issues, deodorizing…” that’s one of the ingredients in the deodorant which was its selling point…it also smells amazing. Get this I used it once…and I never had to reapply nor did I smell.  The best of the best since moving here…I will pay that price if I don’t have a reaction, it smells great and it actually works…10/10

Review: R+Co Turntable curl defining crème

This was something I would’ve bought with the conditioner had I known about it sooner because I love great hair brands and anything that will help improve my now-limp locks to look more bouncy and have more defined waves…here are my thoughts on the product:

  • the scent of this product is the Relative Paradise it is…so elegant and fresh it is by far my favorite of all R+Co scents so I was ecstatic (including the cassette shampoo and conditioner line if that helps)
  • ingredients include: coconut oil, olive fruit oil, linseed extract, rice seed protein
  • its like a gel meets lotion a perfect in-between
  • you work it through your roots to the end
  • I scrunch the product into my hair

my best advice though was to use it right after the Davines the spotlight circle 10 minute mask because the two products together on my sad hair it was like I had new hair. It was that great. Today I washed out my L’oreal root touch up spray with the G. tox Himalayan salt scalp scrub but followed with the Davines spotlight circle mask and final step was this curl crème.

if I were to rate this its a 10/10 its 5oz of product for I believe $29 it will last for a while even on my no longer thick hair. my hair is odd…now..its neither thick or thin but just soft and limp and like medium volume.